1. Rise Up, O Men of God! Your Women Are Fighting the Battle by Ingrid Schlueter (Slice of Laodicea): There are ‘mothers in Israel’ who are rising up to confront Mark Driscoll and his filthy mouth and materials. Why? Because the men in spiritual leadership today not only refuse to, but legitimize and endorse Driscoll’s “ministry.” (January … [Read more…]

Announcement from Slice of Laodicea

by Cross Talk    From Ingrid Schlueter Slice of Laodicea Blog For several years, Slice of Laodicea has existed to inform and educate Christians about trends and news in contemporary evangelicalism and religion in general. As of tonight, the news and commentary will now be located at the Crosstalk Blog under the Religion category. There, … [Read more…]

Dan Kimball: Modern Day Christianity Needs Combination of Nouwen and Maxwell

  In a Christianity Today article titled, “Shape-Shifting Leadership,” featuring Dan Kimball, Mark Driscoll, and Leith Anderson, Kimball states: I’ve read Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership a dozen times. It convicts me to the core about motives and the heart of leadership. But Henri was shepherding and loving a relatively … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Recommends Contemplative/Emerging Conference

This week, in Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox newsletter, he is recommending the National Pastors Convention 2007. The convention is put on by Zondervan publishing and sponsored by InterVarsity Press and Leadership Journal (Christianity Today). The pastors convention has consistently been a conduit for contemplative and emergent spiritualities. In the past, Yoga workshops and labyrinths, as … [Read more…]

Christian Leaders Team with Interspiritual Organization – Crystal Cathedral

On January 22-24th, 2007, Robert Schuller will present the Faith Forward conference. Crystal Cathedral is a hodge podge of spiritual persuasions and personalities; with Schuller’s more than obvious slant towards interspirituality and New Age sympathies, it hardly seems like a place that biblical Christians (or those claiming to be such) should be teaming up with. … [Read more…]

Can LifeWay Stores Really Change Direction?

LifeWay Stores, a division of the Southern Baptist Convention, is selling numerous books that would come under the classification of New Age sympathizing. Some of these titles are written by professing Christians who are proponents of New Age teachings, thus the term New Age sympathizing. As discussed in Tuesday’s report, Lifeway Stores Says OK to … [Read more…]

Zondervan and the 2007 National Pastor’s Convention – Pulling Out All the Stops

The 2007 National Pastors Convention (presented by Zondervan publishers) carries a heavy-weight line up of speakers. From Ruth Haley Barton to Brian McLaren, next year’s convention will not be lacking in New Age sympathizing, meditation promoting speakers. John Burke, president of Emerging Leadership Initiative, was recently a speaker at the Ancient-Wisdom Conference, and says this … [Read more…]