Tony Campolo Against California’s Restrictions on Homosexual Marriages

LTRP Note: As Lighthouse Trails has reported on in the past, there is a correlation between those who practice and/or promote New Age mysticism and a leniency toward the homosexual lifestyle. Campolo, who has openly endorsed mysticism, is another case in point. “Tony Campolo tells messengers he opposed Calif. Prop. 8” by Robert Dilday” Baptist … [Read more…]

Conference Alert: Al Gore and Tony Campolo to Address Baptist Organizations

The New Baptist Covenant, an alliance of over 30 Baptist organizations, will be hosting the 2008 Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant conference starting today, January 30th. A luncheon will be held with guest speaker, Al Gore. Other speakers at the event include Tony Campolo and former presidents Bill Clinton (keynote speaker) and Jimmy Carter … [Read more…]

On evangelicals and interfaith cooperation: an interview with Tony Campolo

The following excerpts from an interview between interfaith gurus Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne reveal the spirituality that is foundational in the emerging church movement. The two men’s use of Christian terminology (and even Christian ideas) will convince some readers that nothing is amiss, but please consider the following thoughts: While Campolo says he believes … [Read more…]