Cincinnati Christian University (and Seminary) Added to Contemplative Colleges List

Lighthouse Trails has now added Cincinnati Christian University (and Cincinnati Christian Seminary) in Ohio to its list of Christian colleges that are promoting contemplative spirituality and Spiritual Formation. The school began in 1924 and was founded on the “Restoration Movement.” Wikipedia has an interesting description of the history of that movement here. On a website called … [Read more…]

2009 Summer/Fall Christian Conferences Provide Platform for Contemplative/Emerging Speakers

Many Christian-led conferences taking place throughout North America during the summer and fall of 2009 are providing platforms for speakers who are helping to further the new spirituality. In many conferences, the speaker line-ups are a blending of non-emerging/non-contemplative speakers with those who are of that camp. Doing this gives an unmerited credibility to the … [Read more…]