Rob Bell and the Dalai Lama – A Dream Come True?

In the mid 1970s interreligious efforts began within the monastic stream of the Catholic church with the hope that a mystical (East-West) spirituality could be absorbed into Christianity at large. Thomas Keating, Basil Pennington, and David Steindl-Rast were among those who shared this vision and effort, as was Swami Satchidananda, and eventually the Dalai Lama. … [Read more…]

Lighthouse Trails Research – Top Stories of 2006

1. Rick Warren Predicts Christian Fundamentalism To Be Enemy of 21st Century! 2. Awana Clubs:Are They Heading Toward Contemplative/Emergent? 3. Purpose Driven Resisters – Must Leave or Die 4. Will the Next Billy Graham be a Mystic? 5. Max Lucado Hops into the Contemplative Camp 6. Beth Moore Gives Thumbs Up to Be Still DVD … [Read more…]

Ancient Wisdom for Babies

In our recent article, Jesus Camp, Film Reveals the Mystical and the Militant, Not Biblical Christianity, it was clear to see that children have become victims to contemplative spirituality and the New Age. As we mentioned in the article, kids are being led into dangerous meditative trances. Another example of this is an upcoming conference … [Read more…]