Why Focus on the Family Should Not Promote and Sell Gary Thomas’ Books

Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting, and Sacred Pathways – Most likely, you have heard of at least one of these books. The author, Gary Thomas, is touted by Rick Warren, Focus on the Family, and a host of other Christian well-known ministries. Last year, Lighthouse Trails wrote a special report on Focus on the Family because … [Read more…]

Tantra Sex: Evangelicals Catching Up with New Agers?

by Caryl Matrisciana Tantra and “Spiritual Sex”? Tantric sex incorporates mysticism into sexual activity. Couples, who seek out help for their relationships, are instructed to go into meditative states while being intimate. In her book, Conjugal Spirituality (which is promoted by Gary Thomas, a popular Christian author), Mary Anne McPherson Oliver discusses and encourages the … [Read more…]

Why We Say Beth Moore is a Contemplative Advocate

Advocate: one that defends or maintains a cause (Webster’s Dictionary) In our article, “Rick Warren Points Network Followers to the Contemplative ‘Sabbath’”, we state that Beth Moore is a “contemplative advocate.” Some people have a hard time with this statement. Why do we say she is advocating contemplative spirituality? Below is our explanation: The Be … [Read more…]

Billy and Franklin Graham Join Emerging Church Leaders and The Shack Author for Catalyst Conference

Billy Graham, and his son Franklin, will be speaking at the upcoming Catalyst Conference on October 8-9. Possibly, the father/son Grahams are not aware of the teachings and the spirituality that the Catalyst Conference represents. Unfortunately, Catalyst will gain respect and audience by many trusting and unaware admirers of the Grahams for including them on … [Read more…]

James Dobson Rightly Defends the Unborn, Challenges Obama – But Focus on the Family Still Defends Contemplative – “Please, Dr. Dobson, read this.”

Several news agencies have reported on the comments that Focus on the Family founder James Dobson made about presidential candidate Barack Obama.1 Dobson, who said that Obama is “deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to justify his own world view,” has challenged statements made by Obama on his view of the Bible’s moral … [Read more…]