The Second Great Evangelical Meltdown – The False Picture: Unmasking “Postmodernism”

by Richard Nathan The Meltdown Series: This article is the second in a series about ongoing sea changes in Evangelicalism today. The series utilizes Scripture and church history in an attempt to clarify those issues that are tending to weaken, break down, and misdirect Evangelicalism. Even though the effects are obvious, the forces behind these … [Read more…]

Is This Our Future: Mandatory Community Service, a Three-Legged Purpose Driven Plan, and a Brave New World?

by Kjos Ministries LTRP Note: Please keep in mind while reading this article by Berit Kjos that Rick Warren is on the Leadership Council of Service Nation. Service Nation is Rick Warren’s three-legged global peace plan in action. “Mind Change and Collective Service” by Berit Kjos At the dawn of Stalin’s deadly reign in the … [Read more…]