Plans Changed for Bob Coy and the Exponential Conference

Update on the Exponential 2007 Conference On September 16th, Lighthouse Trails issued a report titled “Bob Coy Joins Contemplative Promoters Rick Warren and John Ortberg for Conference.” On October 12th in a telephone conversation, personnel at the Crown Financial Ministries office (the major sponsor for the event) said that originally Bob Coy was scheduled to … [Read more…]

Hostile Sentiment Toward “End-Time” Believing Christians Increasing

by Roger Oakland (Understand the Times) If you haven’t already noticed, anti-Christian sentiment is growing toward those who believe in a biblical last days/Book of Revelation scenario prior to Christ’s return. A 2005 article titled “Lutheran leader calls for an ecumenical council to address growing biblical fundamentalism” should help convince you. The article shows not … [Read more…]