Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Brian McLaren and other Contemplative/Emerging Leaders Invite Muslims to Love God, Neighbors Together

LTRP Note: The Christian Post article below is regarding a response by a significant number of evangelical leaders who have said that Christians and Muslims need to come together because they worship a common God. The response is to a document by Muslim leaders titled “A Common Word Between Us and You” Some of those … [Read more…]

Christian Leaders Still Promoting “Purpose Driven Life”

In 1995, Rick Warren came out with his book, Purpose Driven Church. A large number of respected, trusted Christian leaders endorsed that book. The first four pages of the book carry some of these names. Since the release of that book, Warren has endorsed many anti-biblical teachings and movements, including contemplative and the emerging church. … [Read more…]

ALERT: 24-7 Prayer Rooms Increasing in North America

24-7 Prayer, the ministry of Pete Greig (UK author of Red Moon Rising) has announced: “The new 24-7 Prayer Manual has just been published in North America in response to the growing demand of prayer rooms multiplying all over the continent.” Because of the growing popularity of these contemplative/mystical prayer rooms, we are re-posting an … [Read more…]

Red Moon Rising: An Army for God with a “Violent Reaction”

Red Moon Rising: How 24-7 Prayer is Awakening a Generation (2003, Relevant Books), by UK author Pete Greig, is becoming an increasingly popular book among Christian youth. Greig is the founder of an international prayer movement called 24-7 Prayer and Boiler Rooms. In a magazine interview with Greig, he explains that his organization is now … [Read more…]