1. Rich T.

    Great excerpt regarding heresy and Calvinism…

    Can you please send me several copies to send to family who is steeped in this doctrine….. Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy. I cannot seem to obtain a copies and appears(Lighthouse Trails) will be happy to send these. Please email me for my mail address.
    Thank you! Rich T., Overland Park, KS

  2. maggie

    Dear Gerald,
    As one who used to attend a Calvinist church that regularly expounded on the 5 pts I came to the opposite conclusion after much searching and comparing with the Scriptures. The point you make was often made to bolster Calvinism. If we respond to the gospel we are somehow contributing to our salvation. This means that man, not God, receives partial credit or glory. This, however, is a straw man argument. I, and since leaving and going to another non-calvinist church, do not in anyway believe we are at all performing a work or taking any credit for our salvation. Our salvation is based solely on the finished work of Christ on the cross. Period. He alone receives all the glory as He is the only One who saves sinners. By responding to the Gospel that is not due to us being more clever or wise or anything else, it is only a response that is all. The gospel is for everyone who believes. Faith as Scripture clearly shows is the opposite of a meritorious work. This accusation of non-calvinists causes pride in the calvinists and division among Christian believers. The church that pushed these doctrines has caused much heart ache because of the superior attitude the calvinist doctrines brought in.

  3. Holly

    Genesis 2: 16 is the first time God spoke to Adam.

    Genesis 2: 17 is the second time God spoke to Adam.
    It is here that God gave Adam and therefore all human beings, free will to choose.


    You said what is the difference between the person who believes and the person who doesn’t?

    It is because the unbeliever enjoys their sins and chooses not to give them up.


  4. Jorge

    Hi Brad. I’m interested in reading more on what you started about John McArthur. What is your email. Mine is :
    amcyn@opt online.net

  5. Ray

    A really good and clear article, thank you Lighthouse Trails. I am a pastor who has to try to keep his small flock well taught on this and other issues. Mostly when I engage in discussion with Calvinists I immediately receive a string of accusations rather than reasoned debate from scripture. “Oh you’re an Arminianist” , “oh your robbing God of His sovereignty”, and so on.

    We must always remember that our final solution to the questions posed by Calvinism – mostly around the subject of predestination – must satisfy the whole of scripture, taken in context. If it does not, it is not a solution and we must keep studying. Neither Calvinism or Arminianism (as it is usually portrayed – I suspect he would have been horrified at the views attributed to him by those who have misinterpreted his writings) satisfies the whole of scripture, hence our church position statement declares that we are non-Calvinist and non-Arminianist. As far as I can see, predestination refers to the benefits received by the saved, not to salvation it’s self and certainly not to damnation.

  6. Ralph

    Yes, the whole modern church is loaded the men’s doctrines. I will not read bible commentaries anymore written after about the late 1800’s. Charles Spurgeon, Henry Guinness were a couple of men trying to warn the church in their times.

  7. John J

    That’s cult-like behavior and methodology; taking man’s foolishness and trying to twist and turn it into the bible. The bible does not teach Calvinism anywhere (it has no time for men’s silly ideas). Calvinism does not fit into the bible; get rid of it.

  8. Lauren St. Vincent

    I fully agree with you. If one is taught the points of Calvinism biblically it makes perfect sense according to every doctrine of the bible.
    I see many on here must have been taught by teachers who are not literate in the meaning of Calvinism. It is the sound doctrine of the gospel. I am so sorry when it is taught in error. Too many teach Calvinism with error and then leave people with a sense of fear or worse.
    Calvinism only explains the true and pure gospel which is the power of God to save.

  9. A. Wasko

    I’m with you., John J. The apostle Paul said anyone teaching a gospel other than the one he has preached to them, let them be accursed(Gal.1:8). He didn’t say that these ‘other’gospel preachers were actually fellow saints that were just misguided. Naw, there’s not a single thing in the scriptures that would make me call these people brothers in Christ. I think it’s a disservice to the Body, especially those that are weak in the faith, to not call these men/women what they really are. There’s no way they are seeking bread and came away with stones.. No way, That’s not how God works. These men have set themselves in position of power and influence and if they are of God then they had better have their message in line with the Book. It’s not really that complicated to be in line with it. I mean really, how does one get the idea that an individual can take the mark of the beast and then repent later?! Find even an illusion to such an idea in the Bible, it doesn’t exist, not even a hint. So where did good ol John get the nerve to spread such a heresy? Christian, my eye. God is faithful, when his spirit of truth comes he leads into all truth. Ask, seek, knock end in truth not heresy. If these are misguided Christians after decades of diligently seeking God (so that they are fit leaders/examples) then how can anyone depend on the reliability of God’s promises to reward those that diligently seek him.

  10. Jeanne Kotiadis

    I would like the youtube link. It wasn’t where I was…so if you have the link..please send it to me at:
    LHT…please send Gary G my email so I can get that link.
    Thank you.

  11. John J

    Val Lee (Valley?); my sentiment too (see my posts), and it has always been. Calvinists think that if you are not hungry, that you’ve eaten; that if you can’t run, that you’re sick; that if you’re not a Calvinist, that you are an Arminian; that if you don’t drink water, that you’re a drunkard; that if you don’t listen to their music, that you have tattoos where no one can see them. They live in a narrow, dark world that leaves no place for commonsense.
    Ask any Calvinist to tell you when (date) they were born again.

  12. Becky

    How I appreciate LHTR for continuing to warn and inform about Calvinism/Reformed. One of the great threats of Calvinism is how they obscure their beliefs. I spent 20 years not knowing why my daughter had stopped acting like my daughter and her husband and three children were also so weird about things. Then I finally figured out with other’s help that the problem was they had succumbed to Calvinism and it changed them so much that we were like strangers. It ruined the relationship between my daughter and me. In August we had it out as I had had all I could tolerate. I was willing to just write them off and out of my lives. Praise God, they agreed to be more congenial although they have not changed their soteriology. I pray that that may happen also. At least, we can be together again without strangeness. Calvinism, or as my daughter calls it, Reformed, is a big problem. Keep warning people.

  13. Arminianism and Calvinism are men’s doctrines. I stand on the Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21; no additions and no subtractions and rightly translated. Calvinists lie to entrap by saying you have to be an Arminian or Calvinist—a lie and a doctrine of demons. No, the true believer only rests on the LORD and on His Word and no words of sinful mankind. All can be saved, though we know John the Baptizer, Paul, and Jeremiah were chosen from their mother’s womb and choice and chosen cannot be ignored. These men were crafted vessels for honorable use. And we acknowledge, anyone who calls upon the name of the LORD can be saved. Both facts are visible and both will be understood when believers reach heaven. His ways are far above our ways and our comprehension.

  14. Gerald, you assume that “grace to believe is given” to people by God. Therefore, if someone doesn’t believe it must be because God didn’t given them the grace to believe, right? But is it not possible that grace to believe is available to everyone, but that those who choose not to accept it do so simply because they don’t want it, because they want to be their own god?

    Calvinists seem to think that if salvation was truly available to all people – for us to freely choose and accept – then all people would inevitably choose exactly the same thing, forgiveness and salvation. Therefore, according to them, the fact that all people don’t choose salvation means that it must not be freely available to all people. Because, they reason, ALL would inevitably choose it if free-will was real.

    But why do they think that having the ability to make free-will choices inevitably means that all people would choose the exact same thing? Isn’t being forced to make the same one choice the exact opposite of having free-will, the right to choose among various options? To base their belief that there must be no free-will because all people don’t choose salvation is a faulty premise indeed!

  15. John J

    Brad! Where have you been? I also (with the help of Lighthouse Trails, thankfully), try not to overstep that impatient line when I see the darkness these misled and fooled people (those who simply follow the fakes) disappear into darkness and death. I have officially asked Lighthouse to tune down my sentiments in my comments at time, as it hurts me so much to see how people can grovel in front of MacArthur, Sproul, White, Piper, Hall, Johnson (MacArthur’s shoeshine man), Mohler, Calvin, Platt, Luther, the mystic monk Augustine, Pink, Edwards, Spurgeon, Challies, etc., and when people waste time on these people’s blogs and places of evil indoctrination.

    As I have said somewhere on this thread, Jesus’ offer of eternal life is for the elected, superior, self-important Calvinist too. I hope and pray they see the light; I do.

    So, you have also noticed that MacArthur knows EVERYTHING . . . including every place that Jesus ‘visited’ between death and resurrection? The man is a modern-day Isaiah or John from the Island of LA, I mean Patmos. And people buy this anti-biblical nonsense called Calvinism. It’s an elitist trap at best.

    A child of 6, believe me, Brad, knows the truth about salvation; however, these twisters and these men/women who pose as angels of light are clueless. Again, I will say it. Light has nothing to do with darkness. There are two opposing gospels, two opposing Gods, two contrasting Jesuses, . . . and only one is real; the other is a cheap counterfeit.

    Brad, a great Christmas to you and yours, and may John 3:16 resound through the lost world. It’s as easy as that.

  16. John J

    Gerald; it’s simple, friend. Calvinism is utter darkness.

    Arminianism is I don’t know what, and I don’t care.

    Then there’s the Bible, Jesus, and a simple message of salvation as explained by Jesus himself. Anything else than that be cursed (not my words), and rightly so; no exclusions or excuses.

  17. John J

    In typical, predictable fashion, those who do not know their own man-made doctrines, immediately go to the first point their Calvinist manual (something written by some lunatic) instructs them to do, as they are not allowed to exercise free will, and that is calling anyone with an opposing view to a demonic and twisting of scripture an Arminian.
    What on earth is an Arminian? Another cult that promotes a man’s ideas? Pass, thanks.
    I wish Calvinists/reformed people could simply be quiet for one minute and realize the contradictory mess they are in.
    Jesus died for Calvinists too, whether they understand it or not; elected or not, superior or not.
    Really, what is an Arminian?
    I have heard of Jesus, of God, of the Holy Spirit . . . but of Arminius? Not interested. Get my point?

  18. Forgot to mention that I’m glad that LHTR picked up a few Harry Ironside books. Coming out of the Brethren movement I appreciate Harry for his refreshing humor and honesty.
    There are quite a few of his books reprinted an available on Kindle if LHTR isn’t publishing the word of HI look on Kindle.
    I would buy something published by LHTR before I bought it on Kindle if it’s available both places (IMHO)

  19. I suppose you forget, that we as gentiles are grafted into Spiritual Israel?
    True, God does not need our help to bring lost souls to Christ. He is going all over the world as the Angel of the Lord testifying to Muslims and Asians and they are coming to Christ by the millions worldwide with no missionary human ever visiting them. However, that is not what 5 point Calvinism is talking about.

  20. Not that LHTR needs anyone to come to their aid or defense because they are one of the few discerners of truth left in modern-day Christianity or in many cases what parades for Christianity but in truth is minions of Lucifer. Many of you who are trying to cause dissension in the church of God and fight with LHTR are ignorant and have been deceived. Most of you obviously haven’t done 1 day of deep, discerning biblical studies on your own and that you merely repeat the nonsense preached/taught at you by heretical teachers.

    I will just call a spade a spade and not mince. I don’t have the patience of LHTR to waste time delicately. Let’s take a well known Calvinist, John Macarthur. John Macarthur has spewed more than his fair share of heresies lately.

    1. You can take the Mark of the Beast and still be saved. (For any who wants to argue with me, send me your email and I’ll send you an audio recording where he says it.)

    2. He is going on and on that the blood of Christ has nothing to do with an ongoing atonement for our sins. According to Macarthur, he is saying that Jesus took a container of his blood with him to heaven and an angel constantly pours out the Holy Blood on a mercy seat for the atonement of anyone whom God has called.

    Many people who have attended his GTYM gatherings in the last two decades have come out in droves. The stories are pretty much the same, John Macarthur or his two henchmen (J.D. Hall or his main man Phil Johnson) are always coming to people’s homes with or without J.M. himself and trying to dissuade people from leaving GTY ministries or the Master University or Masters school of “Theology”. If people don’t agree to do everything Macarthur and or Hall or Johnson tell them to do, they try to instill fear and tell them that they’re heretics and will die and rot in hell for eternity. They then go to the family members of the cultic victims and tell them to shun their family members or former friends.

    There is a ton of evidence (which you can contact me for as it is far too much to take up LHTR blog community space for).

    Then as if that is not enough we have Calvinist John Piper who is going the way of the New or reformed Calvinist which is even more heretical than the old Calvinist. He recently was interviewed in an article talking about the author of the book “I kissed Dating Goodbye”, Josh Harris. Josh Harris has recently divorced his wife and stated that he’s no longer a Christian. In the interview about Mr. Harris, John Piper states, “If God is faithful then we can keep from committing apostasy.” Um Sorry John, in my Bible… God and Jesus are always faithful and if someone commits sin, it’s their doing, not God’s.” But this is where the reformed or New Calvinists have to take you to make their “Christianity” work.

    My family and I attended a Calvinist church for almost 2 years. I overlooked the mother of the Senior Pastor making insulting remarks about non-Calvinists, especially Armenian or Dispensational Christians. We ended up finally having to leave right after our second child was born because of all the heresy being taught by the Senior Pastor. His two worst points of Heresy had to be taught in order to make the 5 points of Calvinism make even the smallest amount of sense.

    1. His stance from the pulpit was that God was the creator of sin. I asked him one day at lunch a few days later “How can God the Father, Triune part of the Godhood with God the son Jesus, (who knew no sin nor was sin found in him) be the creator of sin?” I mentioned that it’s heresy to say such things and after giving me a dirty look and taking a deep breath tried to convince me that it was sound doctrine based on the holy and great will of God.
    2. During the same lunch, he tried to convince me that infants whom God didn’t “elect” would go to hell if they died as there was no age of accountability doctrine anywhere in scriptures. I asked him how God the Father of Jesus the Son, would destroy little ones by sending them to hell. I explained that I lost 3 babies before birth. I said what are the chances that all three were called by God under your doctrine of Grace? He couldn’t give me an answer. I reminded him of the Scripture where Jesus stated: “Woe unto him who harms even a hair on the head of one of these my little ones.” I then asked wouldn’t sending an innocent unborn baby to hell be considered as harming the infant? I could tell the Pastor was getting more and more frustrated with me.
    3. After that discussion went nowhere, (as in he was never able to convince me he was right) he tried to tell me the reason they use the ESV (English Standard Version) is one of the few modern versions that have the Scriptures correct with “Many are called but few are chosen.” I said I would have to go home and read some Greek manuscripts to see if I followed that reasoning or not. He pretty much scoffed at the idea. After looking over several Greek Manuscripts, the only one I could find that stated many are called but few were chosen, was the Wescot and Hort manuscript. W & H were not only slave owners but they were Calvinists.
    4. I made mention of this and shortly afterward our Daughter was born and she was premature and the Dr’s and nursing staff both mentioned that it was hospital policy that when a child had breathing issues like our daughter that no one visit the hospital or our home for at least a month after we bring her home from the NICU, he wanted to come to bring a gift to us and see our daughter. I told him what our doctors and NICU nursing staff stated, and he said “Well I’m a pastor they don’t mean that about Pastors. I kindly stated that I’ve lost 3 children and almost lost our son who was our firstborn and didn’t want to take a chance on our daughter. To which he responded in an email well good luck in your future endeavors and never contacted us ever again.
    No no no – no cult-like behaviors in the Calvinist movement. Nope, not at all. That is if you’re spiritually blind deaf and dumb.

    Paul calls us to be discerners, looking to the fruit of a man to see if it is wicked or good. Jesus said “You won’t get good wine from a thorn bush.” Judge a man by his fruit.

  21. Gerald Bagby

    I agree wholeheartedly that there are those on both sides of the Arminian/Calvinism debate that react in an ungraceful and un-Christlike manner regarding challenges to their beliefs. Dr. James White refers to those on the reformed side who react that way as “cage stage” Calvinists. He rebukes that behavior (as he should). I remember as a child being brought up in an Arminian teaching church, I felt the same way about Calvinism as is promoted on this site. Over time, through prayer, studying God’s word, and watching many moderated debates, I’ve come to believe that the reformed view of soteriology is the exegetically correct one. That being said, I do not anathematize those who hold to the Arminian view. I believe that they are my brothers and sisters in Christ. Please understand that I thank God for your ministry and your work in exposing the New Age/NAR and ecumenical heretical teachings that are making inroads into the church. Concerning the Arminian/Calvinism debate, please understand that I didn’t mean to impugn any motives on your part. If it came across that way, I apologize. It’s sometimes hard to convey things accurately through the keyboard (as opposed to face to face). It’s all too easy to forget that we are talking to a person that is made in the image of God, who is in need of the same grace that we need ourselves. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to respond to my letter and may God bless your continued ministry.

  22. Gerald Bagby

    I was raised in a church that held to the Arminian view of salvation.* I was brought to faith through the conviction of the Holy Spirit by the preaching of the Gospel in that church. I believe that those who hold to the Arminian view (those who have been truly born again) are my brothers and sisters in Christ. However, over the past few years, through exegetical Bible study and prayer, I have come to believe that the doctrines of grace (reformed/Calvinist) are the exegetically correct ones.** I’m afraid that the articles that I’ve seen here concerning Calvinism do not accurately represent reformed doctrines. There seems to be a rabid anti-calvinistic bent,*** based on a very surface level understanding of the doctrines of grace. There are many excellent debates on YouTube concerning the differences between Arminianism and Calvinism.

    I don’t believe that the Arminian solution (autonomous free will; everyone has the same ability to believe or not) solves the problem that they have with predestination. If everyone has the same autonomous ability to believe, then what is the difference between the person who believes and the person who doesn’t? Was the believing person smarter? More spiritual? More sensitive? If you say, “No, of course not. It’s by God’s grace.” Then why was that grace to believe given to that person but not to the unbelieving one? If you say that God’s grace was given to both, then there had to have been something in the believing person that wasn’t in the unbelieving one. That would make their salvation dependant on something in themselves, which is completely unbiblical.

    *LTRP Note: There are many believers who do not call themselves Calvinist OR Arminian.

    ** LTRP Note: As we shown over and over, the so-called “doctrines of grace” have misapplied Scripture, taken it out of context, and definitely not considered the whole counsel of God’s Word. The conclusions developed with the Calvinist doctrines of grace present a distortion of Scripture and have been formulated by various men (e.g., Augustine, John Calvin).

    *** LTRP Note:
    Dear Gerald, the rabid bent that we have witnessed is coming largely from those who believe that no one should dare challenge Calvinist doctrine.

  23. John J

    Thanks, Lighthouse Trails, you took the words right out of my Christmas cake-filled mouth.
    You are 100% correct; have no fear or any doubts.
    Back to the eggnog.

  24. John J

    T.I. Miller,
    What a long list of heretics! I can add 7000 more. Jesus said not one word about the greatness to come that will explain what He had done and that it’s going to come in the form of evil men that will misrepresent His Father, Him, and the Holy Spirit. When Jesus ascended to heaven, He did not say to those present, “Uh…I failed…no one understands; I’m sorry, Someone greater, Calvin or MacArthur or a foul-mouthed Jew-hater Luther is going to come because my message was not clear enough. My death for WHOSOEVER obviously was a big fail.”

    John Edwards was a raving lunatic and Spurgeon did not know what he was but a crowd-pleaser. He uttered that Calvinism was the gospel; that is worse than a heresy; that’s blasphemy.

    Whether the followers of those false teachers you mention are damned? Pretty good odds of that being the case IF they had subscribed to that cult and its perversions. However, there are saved people everywhere, despite the cult they might be in and not because of it. Even the RCC has saved born-again peeps.

    Jesus’ gospel and the Calvinist gospel are two opposing entities; only one leads to eternal life.

    God has called us to have nothing to do with darkness. Really, if you can’t or won’t see that Calvinism’s author and architect is Mr Darkness himself, then you don’t want to know; sorry to say that, and I mean it in the nicest possible way.

    Preaching Calvinist propaganda/dogma and flowery misleading/contradicting speech here is not going to help your lost cause. Calvinism is a cult; one that is doing its best to keep people away from heaven and away from the biblical Jesus Christ (I’ll put my life on the line, that’s how sure I am of that. Shall I tell you countless real-life tales, T.I.?).
    How many more times must Lighthouse Trails warn against this perversion called Calvinism? It seems many more times. I’m behind them, 100%.

  25. T.I. Miller, when you ask if those men are saved or damned, you seem to be implying that those who warn about Calvinism (like LT) are saying that someone who adheres to Calvinist doctrine cannot be saved. We have never said that. Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ. Period. A person with wrong doctrine can be saved, but it is in spite of his doctrine, not because of it. The fact is, the Calvinist “gospel” is so utterly wrong because it forbids access to their gospel to “whosoever.” So while they may believe in the “essentials” that you list, they have completely distorted the character of the One who is behind and the Creator of these essentials. And yet, as many Calvinists believe, if you do not embrace Calvinist doctrine, it is because you really aren’t part of the “elect” anyway (otherwise you would believe it) and are thus not saved. It is the Calvinist camp who is determining who is saved and who is damned, and if that is not cult-like, we don’t know what is.

  26. Craig Giddens

    Actually election has to do with God’s plans and purposes for the nation of Israel and their Messiah.

    Jesus is God’s Elect
    Isaiah 42:1-4
    1. Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.
    2 He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.
    3 A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.
    4 He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.
    – compare with –
    Matthew 12
    15. But when Jesus knew it, he withdrew himself from thence: and great multitudes followed him, and he healed them all;
    16. And charged them that they should not make him known:
    17. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying,
    18. Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall shew judgment to the Gentiles.
    19. He shall not strive, nor cry; neither shall any man hear his voice in the streets.
    20. A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.
    21. And in his name shall the Gentiles trust.

    Israel is God’s Elect
    45:4. For Jacob my servant’s sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.
    65:9. And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains: and mine elect shall inherit it, and my servants shall dwell there.
    65:22. They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.
    – compare with –
    41:8. But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend.
    43:1. But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.
    44:1. Yet now hear, O Jacob my servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen:
    49:6. And he said, It is a light thing that thou shouldest be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel: I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth.
    Election has to do with God fulfilling His purposes through His Son Jesus and His chosen people, Israel. It has nothing to do with God, at some point in eternity past through an eternal decree, choosing or electing certain people to salvation

  27. Craig Giddens

    My mistake. I meant to say “There is absolutely no scripture that God first regenerates our hearts and then we believe”.

  28. Susan Pitts

    Thank for your reply. I agree with some of what is said in Beyond The Fundamentals. Predestinated mentioned in Romans and Ephesians is for believers. It is believers who will be adopted as sons and it is believers who will be conformed to image of Christ after they are saved. Kevin Thompson said that we are predestined after we’re are saved. Two meanings of predestination are: to decide beforehand or to appoint beforehand. From the video, my understanding is that after one is saved, God decides that the saved one will be conform to the image of Christ. The Bible says that God decided this beforehand (predestined). What Kevin Thompson is saying is that the saved one is predestinated after he or she is born again. This means that God ‘decided beforehand’ after we’re born again that we will be conformed to the image of Christ. I am not sure I understand this.

    One part of the video that I did not agree with is when Kevin Thompson implied that God is not all knowing (35:40). He says that God does not know the unsaved person. I believe God is all knowing. He knew Pharaoh and raised him up be to ruler of Egypt. (Ex. 9:16; Ro. 9:17). I believe that God knew Saul before he became Paul and called him to be an apostle to Gentiles. God has given us a view into the future and has told us about the anti-christ and the false prophet in the book of Revelation. God is all knowing.

    I have watched the video several times. I believe we were chosen in him and predestinated before creation because it is written in the Bible. I also believe in free will because it’s in the Bible. “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Acts 2:21. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Rom. 10:13 I believe, also, that we are God’s witnesses to his saving grace and we are to share the gospel with those whom God has brought into our lives.

    “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?” Romans 10:14

  29. Ronda

    A good chapter and verse to look at 2 Tim 1: 9-10 before time began. The way I understand this is before the world or us were made. God had a plan and that would be Jesus would die for the sin of the world 1tim 4 :10 who is the Savior of all men specially of those that believe. So who gets to boast none

  30. Ronda Hamilton

    How does he (God) do that ? Could it be, 1peter1:23 or Tutus 3:5 and we have this Ephesian 1:13, Romans 1:16-17 and one of the best 1 Timothy 4:10

  31. T. I. Miller

    We define cult differently. Cults typically redefine and twist one or more of the essentials of the gospel. The typical list includes scripture is God breathed, virgin birth, deity of Jesus, crucifixion resurrection ascension, saved by grace through faith, imputed righteousness, the trinity, Jesus from incarnation fully God and fully man, no other name whereby man can be saved. All these are held by the Calvinists.
    Are these men and their converts saved or damned John Bunyan, John Newton, John Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, George Mueller, Matthew Henery, William Wilberforce, Francis Schaeffer, John Foxe and D. James Kennedy to name a few?
    Why were these men chosen by God rather than anyone else and was He unjust in doing so? Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, the judges, the first 3 kings of Israel, every single prophet, John the Baptist, Mary, the disciples, Paul.
    By definition because God is all knowing it impossible for Him at anytime to not know everything including those who would not choose Him and the man of perdition who would betray Jesus.

  32. Editors, this is how I see it too, after researching it. I think the things that are predestined are the path we take after we believe (to grow to be more like Christ and to bring Him glory and to be glorified, etc, because the Holy Spirit leads all believers down that path). Also, the plan of salvation was predestined – Jesus’ death, faith in Him, etc. – because God knew from the beginning we would sin. But we decide for ourselves if we want to follow God in the salvation plan He laid out or not. Our eternal destinies have not been predestined. And by defining “predestination” wrong, Calvinism makes a huge mess of the Gospel, God’s character, Jesus’ sacrifice, and people’s faith.

  33. John j, I totally agree with you. It would take pages and pages to address all of Calvinism’s contradictions. We tried to help wake our church up to the Calvinism taking it over, but we had to leave instead because they wouldn’t listen or let people share/have other views.
    (And I LOVED your comment about not addressing the contradictions because you have eggnog to sample. Cracked me up! And it’s a more productive use of your time anyway, because dogmatic Calvinists won’t listen. )

  34. Craig Giddens

    You quoted Ezekiel 36:26 which says “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh”, but you forgot to mention the Lord is talking to the nation of Israel (see verses 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, 17, and 22 of Ezekiel 36).

    You said “The offer of repentance may come to us, but unless God regenerates our hearts we will not repent because, “There is none who seeks after God.” (Romans 3:4)”, but you forgot to mention that God “now commandeth all men every where to repent” (Acts 17:30). Based on your logic that means everyone is going to be saved; except we know from the Bible “to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness (Romans 4:5). Only those who believe are saved. There is scripture that God first regenerates our hearts and then we believe.

  35. John J

    Dear Travis,
    Your calvinism is as clueless as any cult out there; it contradicts itself in every aspect possible. Can you really not see the contradictions? See the notes by LTRP in brackets; I can add 500 more, but I have eggnog to sample.
    I promise you this though; once you are free from its (calvinisms’s) evil shackles, you will shout with joy.

  36. Leigh

    I am not a Calvinist. I do not subscribe to predestination in the sense of it meaning that God had certain people He elected for salvation and others He did not. That whole premise just does not square with scripture, for the very reasons given in this article. However, the bible does mention predestination, and unless carefully examined, it is easy to misinterpret and buy into a Calvinist view of salvation. What I see is not a “pre-election”, but rather, a “predestination” or “pre-designed” plan of salvation that God had in mind prior to creation because he “foreknew” that man would sin and would need a plan of redemption (Jesus). That plan of salvation is available to anyone and everyone who believes. I see no coercion by God in this, nor lack of free will or choice of any kind.

    Also, I think we tend to forget that God is Omniscient (all-knowing) and in that, He knows full well who will or will not respond to His gift of salvation. While this is my opinion, I believe because he knows, then he “foreknew” them and “elected” them not because of predestination, but simply because He is God and knows in advance all things, including those who will trust in His Son Jesus to be saved.

  37. Nodoubtsabouthim

    So very many ignore or miss the tiny phrases like “in Him,” “in Christ”! I think of this like being in a company’s airplane. It is predestined / preplanned for a purpose & plan. Once in the plane, I am going where it goes, I am clothed with the
    company’s uniform, I
    have certain tasks in which I can participate, the employees have a common cause, I will land on the only one correct runway destination “in Him.”

  38. JDV

    “(c) the words He had spoken, “they are spirit” (John 6:63) (i.e., a figure of speech). ”

    The verse: The Spirit gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.”

    The contrast of the spiritual and the fleshly could not be more plain. Yet, so many apparently proof-text John 6:55 without including the qualifier in verse 63 on all of the words spoken — or cede authority to an earthly body who has evidently done so.

  39. Travis K.

    I appreciate this website as there is good information here. I don’t agree with everything that is written here, though. I would like to offer a short response to this article, as i believe it teaches error and wish for the sake of Christ to write what i believe the truth is.

    I would call myself a Calvinist, in that i agree with the five points of Calvinism (TULIP), at least according to a Biblical understanding of them. More importantly i believe the Bible.

    I believe we as humans do have free will. That is to say, we have the freedom to make choices according to our desires and beliefs. The Bible teaches, though, that God is sovereign over our free will. We choose, but He chooses what we will choose. [LTRP Note: Sorry, this statement makes no sense.]

    Proverbs 21:1 says: “The king’s heart is in the hand of JHVH, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.” And so it is with all of us, i believe.

    The apostle Paul quoted Psalms 14 and 53 saying, “There is none who does good.” The offer of repentance may come to us, but unless God regenerates our hearts we will not repent because, “There is none who seeks after God.” (Romans 3:4)

    God explained it this way to the prophet Jeremiah: “Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Then may you also do good who are accustomed to do evil.” (Jeremish 13:23)

    The apostle Paul wrote: “I know that good does not dwell in me – that is, in my flesh.” (Romans 7:18)

    If someone says that the decision to repent originates in the soul of us created humans and not in God, i would ask: “Is repentance a good act?” It is! But we have seen that none of us (in our natural selves) does good.

    If someone says that God, by His Spirit, draws us to the brink of repentance and allows us to choose, i would ask: “What differentiates one from another? Why would one evil human choose to repent and another evil human choose not to – unless it is because God supernaturally changes the heart of the first person?”

    He spoke to Ezekiel saying: “I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:26)

    If you have not repented (and been born again), pray earnestly to God that He grant you the grace to repent [LTRJ Note: This is the tragedy of Calvinism and is a very unbiblical thing to say.] Call upon the name of Jesus! Turn from your sin and acknowledge Him as the merciful Creator, Lord, and Sovereign over all things that are or ever were or ever will be!

  40. Gary G.

    The Youtube link above is an excellent, excellent Ministry that is exceptionally rational and straightforward, taking Calvinism to task. For Calvinism is -man’s presupposition- imposed upon Scripture, and a very sly heresy. I can’t say enough about that Ministry. It is his life to call out this subject and he does it magnificently on every level.

  41. Susan Pitts

    I was once asked about Arminian and 5-Point Calvinists. I knew nothing about either one, but did read the 5-points of Calvinism. My question is that the Bible says we are predestined in Eph. 1:4-6 “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will- to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves.” and Rom. 8:29 “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.” According to scripture I was predestined before I was called. It seems to be that writer of this article denies predestination. Looking at Rom. 8:29, if I am not predestined, then I am not be called, justified or glorified. Jesus told his disciples in John 15:16 “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” Jesus did not ask the James, John, Peter, or Andrew if they wanted to go him (free will). He said “Come follow me” and they immediately they left their nets and follow him (obedience). Same with Matthew. I do want to say I am not a Calvinist because I don’t know what they believe. I do believe the Bible and I do believe that “In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ…” (Eph.1). Thank you.

  42. Marc Gallegos

    Salvation is sufficient for all (John 3:16), but it’s only actual for those who would believe (John 1:12-13). Christ’s work is unlimited in its effect (Hebrews 7:25), but it’s limited in its extent (John 17:9).
    When a soul is saved, God gets all the glory. If a person resists the Gospel, they get all the blame.
    The Church is to preach the Gospel, and we leave the increase to the Lord.

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