1. Lynette Ladd

    I was saved during CA Jesus Revolution era 1970 ish in Isla Vista CA. Uni of Santa Barbara. I’m here to testify: It was Jesus( still is).
    The Children of God cult preached The Word directly out of New Testament on the streets.
    They sang .prayed .preached salvation verses asked if we wanted to accept Jesus. I did accept Jesus on the beach and great demonic darkness came off me and flew into the dark sky over a deep ocean. Im 72 married 51 years to same man and all my children are saved. My girls are Married to first husbands and attending churches in San Diego; Los Gatos And NYC. Mostly Baptist derived denominations but we still believe in Supernatural move of Holy Spirit(Jesus). The Rock Church San Diego and Christian Church Realife Clermont Fla. Have been great homes for us too. Jesus was and is and always will be The Jesus Movement, He is coming very soon for His Bride. Stay awake!

  2. I am disappointed in Jonathan Roumie actually lying on Lonnie Frisbee’s grave trying to communicate with him. As a Catholic I found it quite alarming and wonder what part Satan had in it.
    Mr. Roumie was doing such a great job playing Jesus on The Chosen. Sadly, Ive lost my confidence in him portraying Jesus in future seasons.

  3. Mark Davies

    I think Greg Laurie is on a trip and looking for fame in the world. First was the Steve McQueen movie, now Jesus Revolution in which his character played a major part. As a pastor he should focus on doing his job and on preaching the Word of God (and not his version of it).

  4. Jorge Moreno

    It is totally unacceptable for a “Christian” film to have an actor who is a necromancer have any part in the film. The level of compromise on the part of Greg Laurie is unspeakable!

  5. Lorraine Porter

    I watched the movie curious about the movement.
    I don’t know if all that was portrayed was an accurate picture of all of the actual events that took place, but I looked more at the point of the movie which contrasted the stiff dead church with an evangelistic church that opened its doors to those who needed Christ the most. We have personal experience in many churches who have shunned the drug addicts and prostitutes and who were more interested in the color of the carpets. Despite its flaws, the movie gives hope that pastors and church members alike can change and start embracing people they normally wouldn’t have before so they can get saved. I also think that those most rejected by church may watch it and feel there is hope for them…that even while men may reject them, God hasn’t rejected them if they will repent and come to Him. All movies have flaws…guess I was there to see how God can move if people will let Him. The actors are not the point…it’s the message they bring to the screen. God can use a donkey to speak to someone if need be. If someone gets saved watching this, I would think that is a good thing. We passed out bible tracks to those who came to watch it.
    People are searching. Not a perfect movie for sure but I think God may use it to reach some. Hand out some bibles or tracks as people go in or out.
    This is a good opportunity to witness…don’t miss it.

  6. Kenny

    I wonder how much of this tragic life could have been prevented if Chuck Smith hadn’t failed in his pastoral duties with Lonnie and Connie. His marriage is more important that the church movement. Not having a working marriage disqualifies him from pastoral duties. How tragic this was to read. I used to have so much respect for Chuck Smith.

  7. GJ

    My comment from discussing a linked review of the movie…
    I was saved in a cult Hebrew roots movement, Worldwide Church of God. When I saw the error, I left and am okay testifying to the error of their views destroying the Grace of God through Christ. Sure there may be some good, but I do not endorse these beliefs as wise fellowship to seek the Lord.

    To help cut through the “noise” for myself, I’ve lately written…
    Why does God tells us beforehand what He will do? Is it to avoid… https://hopeishereblog.wordpress.com/2023/04/01/beforehand/

  8. JDV

    Speaking of reactions, “Bro. Andrew” shared this in the comment section:

    “I witnessed a Lonnie lead church service in 1990 in Morro Bay, CA. At a Odd’s Fellow Hall. I helped pass out the flyers to this meeting. I attended a Los Osos Vineyard at the time. It was the best church service I ever went to my entire 45 years of following Jesus. I shook on the floor for 10 minutes, spoke in tongues, laughed my head off. The service was to be 2 hours, it lasted 6 hours, the band kept playing people were singing, filled up. No one wanted to leave. People were getting healed, filled to the max. etc. I was high on the Holy Spirit for 3 days after this meeting. I would say about 3/4 of the people who attended this meeting LOVED IT and 1/4 of the people judged the entire show and had frowns on their faces, they did not get it. Then I heard 2 years later Lonnie had passed. After that I looked up Roger Sachs and later bought his books. listened to Set Free church meetings. Mother’s Day at the original Vineyard in Anaheim. I had to learn all about Lonnie. I heard Greg wanted to be Lonnie, but just did not have the same anointing. I give the Jesus Revolution movie a C-. I wanted to leave the theatre all pumped up for a bigger revival! but left the theatre bummed and only 6 other people were in the theatre in SLO.”

  9. JDV

    This is just a small part of an article covering reported issues with things under the leadership of Smith:


    “Critics say this “Moses model” produces pastors who refuse to let their authority be challenged. Such pastors often resist accountability measures such as financial audits and providing detailed financial statements. Some curious Calvary Chapel attendees, who have sought financial information from their churches, say they were ostracized.

    “Other churchgoers say Calvary Chapel pastors also don’t like to be questioned. During the investigation for this article, Smith cautioned CT’s reporter: “The Lord warns, ‘Don’t touch my anointed. Do my prophet no harm.’ I think that you are trying to do harm to the work of God. I surely wouldn’t want to be in your shoes.””

    “Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa sometimes hires pastors who have recently been removed from their churches for misconduct and immorality.

    “In 1992, the board of Calvary Church, Santa Ana (which is not affiliated with Calvary Chapel), removed its then-prominent pastor, David Hocking, for having an affair. Within three months, Chuck Smith had hired him. At the time, Smith told CT, “This man is a gifted Bible teacher. And if he doesn’t resume his teaching, I’m afraid he’ll be literally and totally destroyed.” Hocking’s church complained that Smith had interrupted the restoration process they had established.

    “In 2005, Calvary Chapel of Laguna Beach, California, fired pastor Joe Sabolick, accusing him of embezzlement and adultery. He denied the charges and sued the church and its board. Smith then hired Sabolick to lead worship in Costa Mesa. Sabolick later dropped the suit.”

  10. Judie Weseman

    I was supernaturally saved and truly born again during this revival. Chuck Smith, Lonnie, Calvary Chapel had zip to do
    With it. I did NOT follow any man. I sought a bible believing church, and there was a lot of baloney going on. God caused me to line my life with the Word. I stopped all book reading. I’m still a bible literalist. God says it.

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