1. Rory Wynhoff

    Thank you for posting about the coming persecution of believers! This is an unwelcome message to the comfortable church, but so needed today. The Ecumenicism of Rome’s Vatican Council II (1962-1965) has brought in the perils we see in the church today; the mysticism and other false doctrines/traditions of men in order to form a one-world church devoid of the truth of Jesus Christ.
    We have also been deceived by Rome’s Dispensationalism that incorrectly applies the 70th week of Daniel 9:27 to end times, places the antichrist as outside the church, and as being only one man at the very end of time. The antichrist is the Papacy, as so many of the Reformation writers confirmed in their day.
    John said the spirit of antichrist was already active in his day, and Jesus said in the book of Revelations that these, “things which must shortly come to pass,” and that, “the time is at hand.” Rev 1:1-3 Revelations is a prophecy/history of the war between the church and the antichrist beast, and we are today near the close of the book of Revelations.
    This Futurist view of eschatology, created by the Jesuits to point away from the Papacy, was totally unknown to the church until the latter 1800’s. Dispensationalism came in the same time period with Evolution, Critical Text Theory, Communism, the Pharmakea Medical model, and other sciences falsely so-called.
    1Cor 10:12 “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”

  2. TB

    Do Philip and Kathie know about Pacific Justice Institute?

    During a prayer meeting earlier this year, a person gave thanks for help received from Pacific Justice Institute to successfully resolve a conflict with a university.

    PJI also won the SCOTUS case which reopened churches.

    The many rights violations endured by Philip and Kathie bring to mind PJI’s giftedness in defending believers’ rights all across the nation without charge.

    Perhaps PJI can win the recompense due to the Zodhiates family, a defense of faith, which, in turn, blesses the rest of the Body of Christ

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