1. Dylan

    Roger, if you are still alive, go ASAP to true north health fasting center in California or hypocrites health on the east coast. You have to change your entire way of eating which none of us are taught about from the Bible alone.

    Watch nutritionfacts.org videos to learn about why whole foods plant based eating is proven to heal people from various diseases. Spend the money to get a refurbished vitamix blender and make fresh green leaf based smoothies every day after or before and after going to true north health.

    “Green Smoothie Power with Sergei Boutenko” on youtube for a good intro on nutrition and green smoothies.

    Be as serious about health as you are with the Bible Roger, we can’t continue life on this earth if we are not. Spirit/Soul alone is not enough, we need body health.

  2. Rusty and Barbara Siron

    We pray for Understand the Times consistently and that includes you dear Brother. Myanmar is our designated donation receiver. So happy to see the picture of you with some of the children!! I know your heart aches for all the orphans and being ill causes more heartache. “These light afflictions” don’t seem so light sometimes, I know,myself, (Barbara) and hubby, Rusty, with Coronary Heart Disease) I have serious illness from poisoning from medicine and have for a good bit of my life. I know Whom I have believed… the Faithful and Just One. We pray our merciful Father gives you healing soon now, even this moment.

  3. Lisa

    Thank you for the update I was wondering about you the other day! God bless you and keep you in His care. I pray the dr’s will be able to get a correct diagnosis and will be able to get you back to health soon. Thank you for all that have done to educate the saints, Roger.

  4. Carol Gibson

    Praying for you that the Lord will heal you and continue to bless you in every aspect of your life and ministry.

  5. Judy

    We will be praying for you that God will heal your body. I’m am very thankful for you and your website in helping us all to have our eye open to be prepared. Thank you and God Bless God heal his body

  6. JDV

    1 Peter 5:6-7 “Be humbled therefore under the mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt you in due time, 7having cast all your anxiety upon Him, because with Him there is care about you.”

  7. Carolyn Norris

    I am remembering you in my prayers. May the Lord’s good and perfect will be done in Roger’s life and in those of his loved ones.!

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