1. Michael

    To Grandma Jeanne,
    I have experience in that type of church. The Assemblies of God Pentecostals hold to an Arminian view of Soteriology , meaning they believe you must maintain your salvation because you can lose it. I wanted to post an article about it here because it’s actually a huge problem in today’s church combining new age practices as well. If one takes time to connect the dots, there is a common thread through the ages. First century Gnosticism, grail quests, Theosophy, Thule society, The SS Nazi occult, New Age and time and space does not permit the many others – but they all have common elements with same purpose and goal promoting an enlightened transcendent superior race and some elements have crept into the church. There’s much more to it than that, but your grandchildren need to find another church

  2. 'grandma' Jeanne

    I have two young grandchildren who attend a church that doesn’t believe in eternal security. They want to know they are going to Heaven. I want them to know that as well.
    I hope to forward this too them with a tract about the knowledge of individual salvation.

  3. Michael

    I find it amazing concerning stories I have read about Ironside, Chafer, Gabalien and other preachers and theologians of the past of how personable they were. How they made lasting friendships. And they were all extremely busy and overloaded but never too busy to be a friend. No, I didn’t miss the point of the story, but I am amazed at today’s pastors and teachers that hardly bother to answer an email. I know some of them get bombarded but I haven’t met one so-called leader that would take the time to make a lasting friendship with the average person in the congregation. Most people don’t want any more than a superficial on-the-surface relationship these days.
    Just an observation.

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