1. Gail

    True words,,but not so easy when your husband is an unbeliever,,you can’t just shake the dust of your feet,,you keep trying and persevering till the end.

  2. Mr. Reid mentions David Lynn in this article. I need to add, David Lynn and his team prayed, as displayed in one video, using the LGBTQ acronym: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ae2YVpMz3o There is no such thing as LGBTQ, etcetera community. There is only male and female. Believers acknowledge no one can change their sex nor should Christians recognize any pseudo gender set by the immoral. A bisexual person is insanely fraudulent; you can be a man one minute and woman the next. Additionally, they can use whatever bathroom fits their present sexual mood. Of course, it is all 100% filthy fraud in the eyes of God and any true believer.

    God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and never played word games to appease the filthy, wicked ones. He does not recognize any contrived sex by the vile displayers.

    God also stated when His message is rejected, His messengers must stomp the dust off the soles of their footwear and move on.

    I have done this with two other gals when we were passing out tracks in a mobile home community and everyone was rude and told us to leave. We stomped the dust off our shoes and went into an area where there were people who appreciated having a track handed to them.

  3. Diane Hallett

    You touched on so many things that have wormed their way into Christian mainstream ideology and teaching. Just this past week a Christian Spiritual
    Formation society had a class on the benefits of Enneagram. I am wondering if you could weigh in on Yoga. My guess is you have already written on it elsewhere. I see this as another stronghold of the enemy, amidst the most devout of Christians even.

  4. Rena

    May God keep His people close to His heart and far from deception. For encouragement— renagroot.com

  5. Jeffry

    May all Christians pray for Gregory Reid, David Lynn and all street preachers of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are on the “Front Lines” for preaching the Gospel. May God Bless all of them! May all Christians pray for all the churches that have Gospel meetings all over the world! The Brethren assemblies, I care not if they if they have a guarded or open table they Preach the Gospel. I know 3 Gospel Preachers in their 90’s that are still preaching! God Bless all of them! The seeker-friendly assemblies are sunk! The Kingdom now assemblies need to read their Bibles! They know not what they are doing! Satan has infiltrated many assemblies for many years. Using the Native American rain dance to stop evil spirits or stop racism by using Gandalf, the wizard in the Lord of Rings! Who are these leaders! Deception is everywhere! Our country is at the cross road. BLM is Demonic, a ungodly cult that is trying to tear America apart. Of course, Black lives matter to God and to we who call ourselves Christians. God’s Love is the only answer. May all Christians show love and not anger while Preaching the Gospel to a world gone mad. Gather and pray For our country and all those missionaries Preaching The Gospel in this lost world. Are we seconds, not days of hearing the shout? Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  6. Crystal Johnson

    Total agreement with all you have said and thank you for saying it! God bless you and keep you in these ever-darkening days. HE IS LORD!!!!

  7. Wilma

    Totally agree with everything said. Jesus said 4×’s DECEPTION would mark the end times, and with all these watered down Bible versions….people are not being grounded in truth.

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