1. John

    Yes, there will be a one world religion, and there will also be a one world government, which according to Revelation 13 will require everyone to receive a mark on their hand or forehead in order to buy or sell. The Real ID Act in the USA will be part of a global ID system, indicating that the machinery for something like the mark is already being implemented. Yet today I have searched several Christian websites for current discussions about the Real ID Act, but have found nothing. Brothers and sisters, it’s all well and good to talk about prophecy and apostasy, but are we preparing ourselves to act when persecution hits home and affects our finances and lifestyles? Will I really choose to suffer loss for His name? Sadly, and with concerns about myself also, I wonder how many of us will actually stand firm in Christ Jesus and stay tue to the word of God in the coming months and years. Do we think that we can remain complacent because a pre-tribilation rapture will deliver us from such things? Beloved, these things are already here in some form, and they are further encroaching into our lives. We need to occupy until He comes.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    Amen! Thank you, Roger Oakland! He is coming soon! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

  3. Jeffry

    All Born-Again Christians need to read this powerful article. Bigger is better? Don’t offend anyone, why? People will probably find another church? Why do Pastors water down the Gospel? Is the Gospel offensive to them? Why don’t these pastors tell the unsaved that if they step into eternity without Christ as their Savior that in a few seconds they will realize they are in Hell!!! We live in dark days. Pray for those Pastors who are using The Bible as their guide. Time is running out. Pray Christians Pray.

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