ACLU Seeks to Force Christian Adoption Agencies to Place Children with Homosexuals

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baby-girl-poppiesBy Heather Clark
Christian News Network

LANSING, Mich. — After the governor of Michigan signed a bill into law this week allowing private adoption agencies to decline certain adoptions on religious grounds, the ACLU has vowed to file suit to force agencies to place children with homosexuals.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed HB 4188, HB 4189, and HB 4190 on Thursday, bills that reportedly codify existing state law allowing private adoption agencies with state contracts to decline certain prospects due to their sincerely-held religious beliefs. However, those that decline must provide referrals to other agencies that may provide assistance.

The bills had passed both the House and Senate on Wednesday, and moved to Snyder’s desk for signing.

In addition to protecting the consciences of faith-based adoption agencies, the bills prohibit the government from punishing or taking any “adverse action” against the agencies for acting in accordance with their convictions. The legislation does not mention homosexuals nor any specific class, people group, or other parameter. Click here to continue reading.


LTRP Note: In connection with the article above, we are re-posting the following related article from 2013 as a warning of the danger our children are in:

“A Special Commentary: Recent Events Show America’s Children in Grave Increased Danger of Sexual Abuse”

By LT editor Deborah Dombrowski

As I read the headlines on the computer screen from an article a Lighthouse Trails reader had sent me the morning of July 6th, I remembered another headline I had seen just the day before. One was about a child pornography sex ring, and the other was about Obama. Putting those two stories together with this year’s earlier events of the Boy Scouts of America lifting the ban on openly homosexual scouts, I knew I would be writing an article myself, one that would be considered most un-politically correct by today’s standards. But that didn’t matter – it was the children I was concerned about.


Just by the headlines, I knew before even reading the story, it was going to be bad: “Model gay adoptive ‘fathers’ sexually abused 6-year-old for years: offered him to pedophile ring.” A homosexual “couple” who lived in Australia (one of the men is American) adopted a baby boy from a Russian woman to whom they had paid $8,000 to be a surrogate mother. One news story wrote, “Adam was handed over to [Mark] Newton and [Peter] Truong a mere five days after his birth in 2005.” The story of the adoption was actually highly publicized to show how a homosexual couple was no different than any other loving adoptive couple. But as this and other news stories have broken over this case, this was no loving couple. On the contrary, according to news sources, Newton and Truong are members of an international syndicate called Boy Lovers Network.  One of the U.S. investigator’s on the case said it was “one of the worst [pedophile] rings” he had ever heard of.1    And he used the word “depraved” in describing what happened to the little boy. The men began sexually abusing the boy at 22 months old (some reports say even earlier than that). In the course of four years, the boy was molested by several other men, and the abuse was often turned into child pornography (a very “lucrative” industry). Newton, the American pedophile “father,” was sentenced to 40 years in prison on June 28th in a U.S. District court because of his role in the abuse.2 According to prosecutors, Truong has pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

After reading this tragic story, I recalled the headlines of another story I had read the day before, “Obama Uses African Trip as Platform to Urge Nations to Decriminalize Homosexual Behavior.” The president of the United States was calling for countries around the world to legalize homosexuality. How ironic was this! The article, written by Christian News Network, stated:

“During his visit to Senegal, a largely Muslim country, Obama praised the United States Supreme Court for its decision to strike down key parts of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, stating that it was a “victory for American democracy and a proud day for equal rights.” He called upon African governments to likewise work to make homosexuals equal under the law, comparing the “controversial” issue in Africa to the American civil rights battle of the 1960s.”3

Earlier this year, as many know, the Boy Scouts of America, under pressure by homosexual activists and the U.S. media, caved in and removed a long-standing ban on openly practicing homosexual scouts.4 GLAAD and other homosexual activists immediately began their next campaign – for the Boy Scouts to allow openly practicing homosexual leaders into the scouts. We have no doubt now that this will happen – it’s just a matter of time.5

And then just last week, to make matters worse, Alan Chambers, the founder and director of the Christian organization Exodus International (a ministry to help homosexuals come out of that lifestyle) shut down the organization and made a public “apology” to the homosexual community for what he had done to them all these years.6 It was a devastating blow and betrayal to those Christians who have sincerely and lovingly worked to help homosexuals. And as we stated in an article, it was more “fruit” of the emerging church.

As Lighthouse Trails has been testifying to for many years, where there is homosexuality, there will be often be pedophilia. Are we saying that every homosexual will molest children? No. But when lust is let loose with no constraints (which is the category that homosexuality falls under), the “flesh” (i.e., the sin nature – which the Bible says is wicked and perverse) can never be satisfied. Carnality has an appetite that only grows the more you feed it. And like drug addiction, sex addiction when allowed to run freely must have “harder drugs” (in this case sex) to be satisfied. So, the practicing homosexual, just like the practicing pornography addict, is at greater risk of turning to molesting children than the person who does not give in to his lusts and sexual appetites.

As we have watched in horror the fall of the United States by its huge pornography (including child pornography) industry and now the  embracing of the homosexual lifestyle and the destruction of the family (the God-given core of civilization) through the same-sex marriage laws, we have no doubt that child molestation in this country is going to escalate greatly. But what we predict will happen, as has already happened in other places (such as Amsterdam) and other time periods, child molestation will no longer be a crime. Impossible!, you say. Not at all. In 1973, the American Psychological Association (APA) changed the category of homosexuality from abnormal to normal. Then,  in 1998, the APA released a “research” report in their publication, Psychological Bulletin, which stated that sexual relations with children is not necessarily harmful to them.7 And here we have an activist for homosexuality in the White House, voted in twice by the American people – and the damage has only just begun.

In 2006, when it came out that mega-pastor Ted Haggard was caught having a two-year homosexual relationship with a prostitute, I wrote an article titled, “Ted Haggard Story Will Raise Serious Questions For All.” It was in that article I told our readers that I was the Catherine Brown of Laughter Calls Me (a very personal account of how my children were the victims of a child pornography sex ring many years ago). And what I find troubling is that many of today’s American adults are ignorant of reality when it comes to the magnitude of children who are being abused in this country. I remember after our Haggard article came out, a reporter called me in my Lighthouse Trails office and said she did not believe child pornography was a big problem or a multi-million dollar industry as we have often stated. I told her to call the Los Angeles Police Department’s child exploitation division and ask them to show her the 15+ foot wall of gym lockers that were stuffed with confiscated evidence of child pornography. I know it’s there – I have stood in front of that wall of filth and gazed in shock upon some of its contents. And that was just one city of hundreds throughout this country with similar caches.

In my Ted Haggard article, I stated:

What does homosexuality and pornography do to families? Add to that the victimization of children, which is often the case, and you have the ingredients to destroy a society. Throw in drugs and New Age mysticism . . . and you have little to hold on to.

Anyone who does not realize what is happening to children needs to have his head examined. And anyone who does not see the connection between pornography – homosexuality  – and child molestation is not putting two and two together.

A different, but related, tragedy we are watching unfold is the fast-changing views of the evangelical and Protestant church regarding homosexuality. We have written about this many times, and Roger Oakland wrote about it in his book Faith Undone calling it the “new” sexuality.  We’re not going to repeat ourselves in this article, but you can read one recent article where we documented this change: “We Said it Would Happen, and It Has – CNN: ‘At evangelical colleges, a shifting attitude toward gay students.’” 

A few years ago, one of the Lighthouse Trails readers, whom we had come to know personally, told us that weeks after their 18-year-old son graduated from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa High School, he announced to them that he was “gay.” Today, at twenty-something, their son has gone fully into the homosexual lifestyle, recently announcing to them he was moving across the country with his new- found boyfriend. Are we saying that it is Calvary Chapel’s fault that this boy became homosexual? No, not directly or entirely anyway. But as we wrote about in 2009, the Calvary Chapel High School was introducing their students to contemplative authors, and we have time and again shown the connection between contemplative – emerging – and a growing laxed view on homosexuality. They have always gone hand in hand, and they will continue to do so. Why? Because the premise behind each is the antithesis of sinful man needing a Savior, but rather it is man can be his own God. Each is earthly, sensual, and devilish (James 3:15) and only feeds the lusts and carnality of men and women.

While we probably are not going to be able to stop the freight train of destruction that America’s politicians, Supreme Court justices, activists, and lobbyists have the country on, as Christian believers, we must continue our efforts to call out to Christian leaders to stop going down the path they are on, repent (turn around), and get going in the right direction. Christian leaders, you are calling for some kind of national repentance and turn around, but you yourselves are embracing the very spirituality that is causing much of America’s ruin. Can not just one major Christian leader come forth, humble himself, and admit that the contemplative/emerging mystical paradigm shift is wrong and dangerous? You may not think that has anything to do with children being molested, but remember, there is only one root of evil – that enemy of God – the Devil and his forces – and he is the father of all sin. Whether it’s practicing contemplative prayer, practicing homosexuality, or molesting children – it’s all coming from the same source. Yes, that is an indicting statement.

We are exhorted in the Bible to run to the light – that Light who is Jesus Christ. We are to resist evil and cling to that which is good. There are only two choices – toward the Light or toward the darkness!

If the Christian leaders and pastors in North America would truly repent, many would follow, and there could be genuine pure revival. It won’t be a politically correct revival, keep in mind, and won’t win over the masses (like a coming false revival will do). But it will return many to their first love and will save many out of the fire of destruction. What’s more, one fruit of such a true revival would  mean fewer kids being sexually abused. That’s one thing you can be sure of. As I stated in my 2006 Haggard article,  “Christian leaders, as a whole, have been walking in deception and sin for some time, and they have bankrupted the Christian church at the price of truth, and souls have been lost because of it.”

As I sit here writing this article, another headline has come across my desk this morning,” ‘The Boxtrolls’ Trailer, New Animated Film By Laika, Features Gay Parents.” The article states:

Laika, the same company that brought us “Coraline” and last year’s Oscar-nominated “Paranorman,” returns with the trailer for their next feature, “The Boxtrolls.” Anyone who saw “Paranorman” (co-directed by out director Chris Butler) knows the film’s punchline when cheerleader Courtney (voiced by Anna Kendrick) asks meathead jock, Mitch (voiced by Casey Affleck), to a romantic movie, only to find out he’s gay with a boyfriend.

Having an out gay person as a lead character was a first for a mainstream animated film, and the film not only received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature, but also a GLAAD Media Award Nomination as well.

The culture we live in, dear Christian, has dramatically changed. The Bible says these last days will be like that. What is good is being called evil, and what is evil is being called good. But if the church loses its love for the truth, how can we share the truth of the Gospel with the unsaved if we no longer have it ourselves. Remember the warnings Jesus gave in Revelation to the churches. May we heed those warnings while there is still time to do it:

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. (Revelation 2:4-5)

I want to end with a note of exhortation to Christian believers who are remaining faithful to the truth and the Gospel and who understand the times in which we live. In my 2006 article, I stated:

As leaders like Rick Warren have contacted us at Lighthouse Trails, and as I have seen first hand their efforts to defend themselves and cover up the truth, I have wondered why they should still be called the leaders of the church. And then I realized, the true body of Christ is not made up of leaders that compromise, deceive, and preach false doctrines that the Bible warns about.

The true body of Christ has one leader, and He is a powerful – yet loving, a righteous – yet compassionate God. And He is the only way of salvation – there is absolutely no other way. As opposed to the religions of the world, with Christ we cannot earn salvation; He gives it freely. While we are all sinners and equally need forgiveness from him, and while we do sin and need to go to Him in humility and confession, we cannot abide in sin if He lives in us. And He will live in the repentant soul who humbles himself and asks Jesus Christ to be Lord of his life.()

We can count on Him and on His Word. May those who are remaining faithful stand, by His grace, until He returns.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. (Ephesians 6:13)

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