1. gretchen nelson

    It’s no wonder that the Dem ‘powers’ were trying to find anything to rid the country of Trump. They had to pocket their plans for America’s demise for 4 years–a long, itchy wait for them.
    Now they bury Mike Lindell in his own pillows??? It’s supposed to be a ‘free’ market’.
    We need more info from the likes of Hillsdale and Zion’s Fire . I predict that we have one more Christmas before that will be ripped to shreds. Happy days are here again–for those who set this current stuff aglow. Some in Congress have been bought out, TV has one channel to get truth. This is going fast!

  2. Jeffry

    First thing’s first. The Democrats make a unconstitutional attempt to impeach former President Trump again. Will they never stop blaming Trump for everything? Then HR1- Democrats want the Federal Government to take over all Presidential Elections using mail-in ballots. ID check for voters? Not really. Voter fraud will be worse than the 2020 election. Will the Democrats ever lose power? The Pandemic will go on and on. President Biden’s Administration staff looks like former President Obama’s staff. Pray for wisdom and keep looking up.

  3. Jeffry

    Excellent comments. Just a few more comments. Abortion is not Healthcare Mr. President. Transgender men can compete against girls in sports even if they are not finished taking all of their treatments. Is that fair? Limit free speech? More taxes for all of us. Sadly, President Biden is putting Americans Last and his plan for Domestic Terrorists is unbelievable. Pray for our church and country, we are under attack!!!

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    It turns out our VP is unvetted. Attended Stanford where her father was a prof. in economics, a Marxist and all that means. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara were their heroes. Lord, help America!

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    Allowing all unvetted immigrants to enter at this time of lockdowns and Covid would devastate America, considering that some of these immigrants have tested positive for this virus and they would take jobs away from U.S. citizens who are hurting, having lost their businesses and jobs. Trump was trying to protect U.S. citizens, but his attempts are unraveling before our eyes. Some of these men may belong to MS-13 or be trafficers or terrorists, we just do not know. David Horowitz, who wrote Dark Agenda believes the left is trying to destroy Christian America. Many American citizens are in mourning to see this happen.

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