1. John J

    Elizabeth, I understood you from the get-go. The little tail is wagging the dog. We are the “counselors”; we don’t need “Christian” counselors. We are equipped to help others when we are born-again.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    So sorry about my comment; I was not thinking clearly. I meant to say that most of the world does not choose the homosexual agenda; a minority of gays and transgenders are trying to force their agenda on the rest of us in schools and churches. Even the Pope said that God made the gays the way they are, which is totally not biblical. There are many who have left that lifestyle by repenting and coming to salvation through Jesus and have married and now lead normal lives. We need Christian counselors to help confused people who are on the verge of suicide to leave this sin and find peace and happiness in Jesus Christ.

  3. John J

    David, by pushing the wrong agenda, Amazon is indeed insignificant. From a worldly perspective, Amazon may be the cat’s whiskers, but insignificant they are.
    Coca-Cola or Pepsi is significant, whether you can drink it or not (diabetic, etc.), as they don’t set out to poison the mind; hence, Amazon is insignificant and will implode. However, one is free to use Amazon; there’s no law against buying from them.

  4. David

    Elizabeth Bennette, I am not aware of a “Christian” majority on this planet!

    John J, Amazon is pushing the wrong agenda, but they are NOT insignificant.

    Yes, “Game of Gods” is a very revealing book, a very worthwhile read.

  5. CW

    I quit buying from Amazon a long time ago. I just can’t support their unGodly agenda. One thing about it: Their bias is being shown loud and clear. Anyone with eyes to see can see it clearly.

  6. Heidi Lavoie

    Its all about the globalist agenda, bringing about world government. All of this is pushed, everything abnormal.
    Carl Teichrib’s book “Game of Gods” show this (the big picture) masterfully.

  7. m

    Sad, but true. And it WILL get worse. But the truly fascinating thing to watch is how progressives, liberals, etc handle this (excuses, denial, blame-shifting, etc).

    Banning Books = Book Burning

    Before they were for book burning they were against it.

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    The voice of the Christian majority is being stifled by the voice of an evil minority. We are in a battle between the forces of good and evil, God and Satan. May the Lord help us fight the good fight!

  9. John J

    So, clearly, Amazon (always at the center of some liberal issue), believes it’s impossible to turn one’s life around, to reject same-sex “attractions,” to find hope when hopeless. Bottom line? They’re pushing the homosexual agenda at all costs and they are probably of the ignorant “born this way” brigade.
    I’ve only bought one book from Amazon ever: some recipe book or other. Amazon, as a company, is, in effect, insignificant.

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