1. Nathan St. Marsaille

    Maybe they should have dropped him due to his heretical Calvinist teaching.

  2. nng

    Would not it be the same if you had a niece who was named Emily, then changed her name to Max identifying were her imaginary maleness. who was told that her new name would not be heard out of the mouth of her loving aunt, and who spoke about Jesus, but yet did it anyway? The loving aunt does not communicate with her so as to not giver her any idea of agreement with her choices. Yet the aunt prays for her! She knows her aunt loves her, but she has decided to hate her instead, including anyone who talks of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. Did Paul continue with those who refused salvation through the gospel? NO. Seems to me the church has compromised much! If this Neice decided to marry her woman friend in no way, would I go to the wedding or gift her in her sinful decision. It is an oxymoron!

  3. Dorcus

    A same sex marriage is not a marriage in God’s eyes. It is an abomination and just and excuse to sin. In our broken and confused world, it is also another way the devil has used for people to call good evil and evil good. So, no I will not be attending a “same sex wedding.”

  4. iris

    I agree with American Family Radio’s decision, although I must admit I have been blessed by Begg’s previous preaching and teaching. As believers, we are to show respect and love to all, because all are made in the image of God, but to share in celebration of what God obviously calls sin, (it is destructive and dishonors God) is not right, rather, it is calling evil good. This grandmother would have been correct to share the truth in love with them, hopefully, she shared the true gospel with them, but not to attend their “wedding” or give them a gift. We gave a baby shower gift to a lesbian couple, but did not give them a gift or attend their union’s ceremony. The card for the baby’s gift was explicit in praising God for the baby’s birth and included a prayer for him.

  5. Christine, There is a difference. If an unsaved man and woman get married, the ceremony of their wedding is not, in and of itself, wrong or sinful (God, Himself ordained marriage between a man and a woman). But in a “same-sex” wedding, the very act of the ceremony is wrong. It doesn’t really work to compare a heterosexual wedding with a homosexual wedding. A better comparison would be to compare a homosexual wedding with something like a Wiccan ritual or even a bank robbery. If you were asked to attend the Wiccan ritual or the robbery, of course, you would say no because that would be participating knowingly in a sinful act.

  6. Christine

    So should we as a born again Christians stop going to every wedding of people who are unsaved? Where should the line be drawn – shouldn’t each situation be brought before the LORD for wisdom as to what to do?

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