1. James Samuel Scaggs

    Paul warns us abut these times when they will heap unto themselves these ear pleasing so called teachers. My questions is why the GBC and the SBC does not withdraw fellowship from him and his church,I left the SBC sometime back because of the move towards liberalism,I can tell you this much the SBC of Adrian Rogers, WA Criswell and such men would not have hesitated to call his hand and withdraw fellowship.Sad so very sad.

  2. Jeffry

    Andy Stanley, a new generation pastor, dressed as if he was going bowling. Tells pastors, preachers and student pastors to get the spotlight off the Bible and on to the resurrection. Really? As a freshman in college Andy embraced his professor’s contention that Genesis chapters 1-11 is a fairy tale? Again, really? Are we sure Andy has read the entire Bible? Sadly this is apostate teaching. Of course the Resurrection is a major Doctrine of the Bible but do not cherry-pick it from the bible. Andy is confusing many people about Gods word The Bible. The Bible is either Gods word or it is not. Make your choice Andy. Yes or no. I am sorry to say this Andy but your pride is showing. I pray you have made up with your father Andy. Remember, All have sinned.

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