1. Nina

    Like cars merging on to a six lane highway all going in the same direction. Different churches with different theologies all seem to be uniting.The New Calvinists, Kingdom Now adherents, Red Letter Christians, charismatics, Pentecostals, Catholics, Evangelicals, all spewing the same Mantra of the social Gospel. Don’t dare to disagree or you aren’t doing the word or work, or command of Jesus..

  2. Sola Scriptura

    It seems like Rick Warren is implementing her plan to perfection. It’s interesting seeing even the Calvinists and NAR heretics uniting. John Piper, Francis Chan, David Platt and even Paul Washer (!!) are speakers at conferences with Hillsongs, Jesus Culture and other NAR types. The Servus Christi YouTube channel has a new video outlining Washer’s new connection to the NAR and notes that the gospel coalition is moving left…even to the point of Marxism. Only the blood of Jesus can save a soul.

  3. Anna Rosa

    Part 4. 6. ‘Divinity’ and pantheism. We see that one all over the spiritual landscape. Also ties into their ‘oneness.’ 7. Acceptance of gross sin, and calling anyone who refuses to cater to it a ‘hater’. 8. Swapping out evangelism for slave labor. 9. Thinking that there will be world peace, unity, tolerance, brotherly love, and end to poverty and war, etc. and not believing in the return of Christ. 10. Abandoning the Bible as God’s Word. We see all of these things very alive and well in the apostate church today, and they are all from the core of the new age movement. But how many Christians are aware of it? And how many care? The key they don’t understand is that the cross is the pivotal point of entry into the kingdom, fellowship with God, forgiveness, love and peace, dealing with the sin nature and giving us His nature, etc. but they sweep it under the rug as if it were not necessary. As if sinful man could just hold hands and all would be well, all the bad would just go away in the world. But it won’t, because it is the nature of man wherein the root of the problem lies, and only Christ can uproot it, and only when you turn to Him to do so!

  4. Anna Rosa

    Part 3. What are some of the common heresies that have seduced the church as a whole? 1. Dominionism (aka ‘kingdom building’). The idea is ‘you can help usher in God’s kingdom by….(some act of service). Straight out of the new age. (The kingdom is among us in the sense of the Spirit in the church, we grow the kingdom by sharing the gospel and the body of Christ grows. The rest is just good works, nothing wrong with it but it does not bring ‘the kingdom.’) 2. Interfaith, interspirituality, abandoning truth of doctrine, unity with whatever (for a ‘good’ cause), and calling the rest ‘divisive’ and ‘mean’ etc. for sticking with the gospel truth. But that is what we are to do according to God’s Word, separate from apostasy and warn against it. 3. Inclusivity, like above, but this time involving sin and compromise with the world. We are to abstain from sin and separate from sinners and the world in order to BE holy, or else we sin, not the other way around. We are not at one with the fallen sinful cursed world, we have been called out and separated as a holy people unto God. 4. Pagan practices. We see mystical influences entering the church which are the common denominator of all false religions. 5. A false ‘revival’ coming, with more false oneness under antiC.

  5. Anna Rosa

    Part 2. Everything that is mentioned in the article of these new age goals have hijacked the church at large. They are all new age goals but the church does not see it. One subtle trap about it that is so deceiving is that so many of these things are God’s plan, but for those who COME TO JESUS. The cross is the boundary, if you are saved, then you are in His kingdom, are called to love one another, are one in the Spirit, have peace and love, etc. But it is not for the unsaved who are incapable of this because they have not repented at the foot of the cross, the border of reconciliation. The root of the problem is the sin nature, and it is still alive and well, so how could there be world peace if they explode over having to let one car merge onto the freeway ahead of them?! Without the Spirit, they are still sinners. See part 3.

  6. Anna Rosa

    Part 1. The devil is weaving the web so as to trap everyone in its grasp. Your spiritual eyes truly have to be open to see it. We know that under antichrist all will be ‘one’ under him by demonic influence. The world is ripe for this. What is scary (but prophesied) is that the church is marching under the same spell. And they don’t even know it. This information in the article has purpose driven apostasy written all over it, but how many see that? See part 2.

  7. CW

    This stands out to me — “[T]hey are tied by no dogmas or doctrines because they have the word which has come to them in the dark, which they have wrought out for themselves in the strife and stress of their own souls …” — The Word of God, the Holy Bible, is clear that His Kingdom is the Kingdom of LIGHT, not of darkness, hence, the Word has NOT come to us in the dark. Jesus is the Light of the world. Also, we have NOT wrought anything out for ourselves in the strife and stress of our own souls — Jesus the Messiah did the work FOR us which we could NOT do, on the Cross, laying down His life for us while we were yet sinners. When we come to Him, there is NO strife and stress of our souls — His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It is amazing (and scary) how they twist the Word so unmercifully to meet their ends, their goals. I pray that people everywhere will be protected from this evil teaching and doctrine.

  8. Tui Pearson

    This is very sad. Thanks for posting this article L.T. This really is not a very sophisticated deception at all, and it saddens me that it has the power to deceive at all. Lord please protect the lambs 😥 and convict these liars.

  9. G J

    They’re for oneness… peace… collaboration until… someone disagrees with them – then they set out to destroy. They are as their father… 10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy… (John 10:10) – they promise life… but deliver death instead. Be careful what spiritual gurus tell you… as I once heard…“Gurus” sell a better life… while living a worse one… and, God’s word says the same (2 Peter 2:17-20).

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