1. Jeffry

    Manning Johnson is right on. “ Communism has stirred up Racial Strife, creating confusion, hate and bitterness so essential to the advancement of the Red Cause.” Read his book now! Who is in charge of this Red Cause? The are very powerful Satanists that are white, black and yellow Billionaires that rule the New World Order that have come together to exterminate Gods Creation and become Transhumanists. It means they are going to try and transition from carbon-based life to silicon based life by “ unloading “ their consciousness into machines! They believe they will have infinite power, immortality to conquer the entire universe! They believe they will become as gods! What is in the COVID-19 vaccine? Only time will tell. The darkness of Satan will not win. Preach the Gospel while we still can. Pray for wisdom. Our Heavenly Father is still in Control.

  2. T. I. Miller

    Speaking of spotting icebergs this one is 90% submerged and has been for decades.
    They play the long game. They have always had one long term goal in mind.
    The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the nation. They’ve infiltrated and taken over our entire education system. Therefore they hate home schooling and charter private school and Christian schools.
    From what I can see they’ve, except for home schools, infiltrated them already. Worse they’ve introduced corruption even into seminaries across denominational lines. Modern Marxist atheist secular pharisees make the ones who crucified Jesus look like gentle lambs. Latter day persecution of the saints will replicate the persecution we suffered in the first 3 centuries. The ability to control what you can buy and sell are in place. Dont be shocked when the goats in our pews turn into wolves. Thanks to the seeker friendly movement they may outnumber us already.

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