1. GP

    If anyone wants to know what is truly coming down the road with these Nihilists, just read Albert Pike’s three world wars. The third world war, which we are seeing right now being played out on US soil, is just the beginning of what is yet to come. Lord Jesus Christ was far ahead of Pike’s predictions in the book of Matthew when the disciples asked what will be the sign(s) of His return.

  2. Jeffry

    Lectures on the Book of Revelation by H.A. Ironside Chapter 13, pages 247-248. Over 70 years ago Dr. Mosinsohm of the Hebrew College of Jaffa was touring America in the interest of the Zionist Movement. H.A. and a Christian Doctor heard him speak at the University of California. Dr. Misinsohm said “Think of all the Religious leaders that have come out of the East. Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Mahoney. And we say to you people of the west with confidence, that if you will restore the Jew to his Ancestral Home it will not be long until we give you another Great Religious Leader who will perhaps Transcend all who have gone before.” Both H.A. and the Christian Doctor felt that they were listening to a John-the-Baptist of The Antichrist. Dear Christians, pray for this lost world. All of us need to tell the world how much God loves them and wants to save them from a eternity without Our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Jeffry

    BLM, Antifa and Satanic leaders of America are showing us their true Color. Christianity is standing in the way of a One World Government. Riots, destruction of properties, burning of buildings and Bibles, a government that has the cure for the Coronavirus allows only certain people to receive the cure while people are still dying of it. Why is a vaccine being pushed to cure us from Coronavirus? The Biggest lie of this Coronavirus Hoax is that the state cares about us! How close are we with this new vaccine to become a Painless Country or camp of sheeple? The Lord Jesus Christ warned us of Corruption and violence of these last days. Christians pray! For our Country, unsaved, loved ones and preach the Gospel! How close is the Rapture? Keep looking UP.

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