1. Jeffry

    Rapper Travis Scott and his concert in Hell. At least 8 people died. It looked like Travis was sacrificing these 8 people to his god Satan. Satanic imagery was all over the stage. New world Order One eye MKULTRA soul to Satan. Satanic Vibrations and their see you on the other side spiritual world. Spiritual War in full attack. Drugs that give you Hallucinations and make you believe things that is not their. Satans Plandemic, Covid-19’s and vaccines that will continue to depopulate our country. Look at the deaths of Americans that took these vaccines. Wake up Christians. Satan plans to murder Gods Creation right now. Pray, pray and pray. Ask Our Heavenly Father for help. Even so come Lord Jesus!!!

  2. Nani Lani

    How can Kanye be a Christian when he just produced this year Lil Nas X demonic music video Montero? I know you mean well. But please do your research to prevent further deception.

  3. rachel

    Kanye and Beiber are counterfeit Christians. Beiber is connected to Hillsong, which you can look up and see their apostasy. Kanye has his connections rooted in himself and the ecumenical movement.

  4. Jo

    Great article one thing you may not be aware of is Marilyn Manson was raised in a Christian home. I heard that and read that several years ago,

  5. charley

    listen west is alost man just like beiber, and manson
    but west and beiber have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof . 2ntim 3-5-7, 2nd cor 11-13-15 for such are false apostles,decetful workers transforming themselves into the apostles of christ, and marvel for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    hillsong is of the devil

  6. Alexandra Smith

    As far as these singers are concerned, they are like actors or opera singers. They are taught to attain a level of skill in order to perform. If the money comes in while singing Gospel that’s what they’ll do. We need to get the Gospel out there but the vast majority of humans are going to hell. Pray for each other because there will be more and more attempts by the Adversary to draw us away.

  7. Lynne

    Thank you for this. As we watch all this satanic activity it validates that we are surely in the last days or I am thinking the last seconds before the trumpet sounds. Evil is abounding everywhere we look. Thank you Lighthouse Trails for helping Christians to know and feel we are not alone. I just read a good article talking about how the remnant is weary. It is hard but we know our Lord said it would be like this in the last days before He calls us home. Saying prayers today for strength and protection for all who are watching and waiting for our Lord.

  8. LW

    Thank-you, Gregory Reid, for presenting this sad subject, that much music is inspired by evil spirits/fallen angels……I wonder if christians are permitted to believe that God inspires some folks to compose hymns and worship music that is “kosher”, so to speak………Is all music from the devil???People get so worked up by music of all sorts-even classical music, like operas and ballets. The subject matter of these genres can be impure or even lauding Greek mythology. How can such music be from God? It’s a difficult subject to sort through!………May Jesus help creative people to use their talents for the greater glory of God in some way!……Thanks again for your essay. God bless you!—“LW”

  9. Dori

    In addition to what you state here, I learned of a drug called DMT that many younger people are using. They believe they see God. (At least the person telling me about it did)
    I had not heard of this until spring of 2020, when a young man about 25, told me about it. He is convinced he is seeing and experiencing God when he uses it.
    We talked about the Lord, the Bible, the Gospel, but he is convinced DMT is the answer.

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