1. Louisa Clemmer

    What a shock to find this wonderful teacher of the Word no longer with us. I hope to listen to many of his sermons online.

  2. Crystal

    Almost a year since the irreplaceable Bill Randles died. What a blessing he has been to the body of Christ and continues to be since we can still access his Godly teaching. Praying for his wife and family. Anniversaries are difficult. Blessings.

  3. Yvonne

    He was truly a man of God. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his sermons. The Lord said, “The days are coming when I will send a famine in the land … a famine of hearing the Words of God. Bill is solely missed.

  4. Michalis Jannakos

    My condolences to Pastor Bill Randles family. I was shocked trying to find sermons for 2022. Then finding his funeral. I have all ways been blessed by him preaching the truth

  5. Ronnie

    No more struggle for brother bill, his race is over, he is with his Lord, I will miss him, but we will all meet soon again one day. Pray for all his family, it’s always tough to keep going even though we know bill’s in a better place. May the Lord of all peace give peace and comfort at this time.

  6. Barry Miller

    My heart felt condolence to pastor bills wife and family. I had the privilege of meeting Bill at the church I attend ,and knew that he was a true man of God,and have watched many of his sermons ,I will miss him greatly,such a gentle man of God. Precious in the sight of Lord,is the death of His saints psalm 116vs 15. Barry,UK

  7. Tom

    Did he get the jab? I am not being insensitive; it’s a rather important fact to note whether he got it or not.

  8. Karen

    Sending Love and prayer to Kristen and family. Pastor Bill such a precious man of God and wonderful teacher of the Word. God Bless.
    New Zealand

  9. hollis caravetta

    I too lost my husband who died at the age of yours. (62) and we had been together for over forty years, like you. My heart and prayers goes out to you and family. His legacy is always alive and his teachings will encourage many for years. God bless you
    PS i do believe discernment ministers are taken because there is an hour which no many can work. (Jn. 9: 4) I think his work was completed and that is because we are now experiencing great delusion among those who refuse the Lord, and in the Church, among those who refuse discernment or anything about the days prior to the Rapture. His voice is silenced because it was time for that. Maranatha! You will see him soon.
    Hollis Caravetta On Fire Ministries

  10. Colleen Kreller

    Oh !Kel and I Colleen were blessed so much by Bills loving heart and his commitment to Jesus ! Please accept our deepest condolences. 💔

  11. Lisa

    Wow! I’m so shocked and so sad. I considered myself one of his cyber congregation.

    I was earnestly waiting for his next sermon.
    No matter what was happening in the world, he could bring the focus back to God and the Bible and show how it was related to end times events and his knowledge of the end times and who the end times players were was also very much appreciated. I was always sharing his YouTube sermons.

    God bless and help his wife and his family through this time of mourning and loss. I didn’t know him personally but I will deeply miss his preaching!

  12. calvin caswell

    Speechless , I watched his sermons for years. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and with you all. We will see Bill again shortly ❤️

  13. June

    Dave Hunt and a lot of other discernment ministry leaders also passed away, and I find that interesting. I can’t help but think of Rev. 3; 10

  14. Many of us know Bill as a successful and eminently intelligible author, preacher and teacher – as well as a pastor – and my husband and I were looking forward to inviting him and Kristin back for a visit to us, post virus … however, I still weep, every time I think of his gentle voice saying he forgave me after I had written an article asking where were the REAL men of God, unafraid to stand against a notorious wolf who is a narcissistic and thuggish bully… when most unexpectedly (because he knew the wolf personally) he himself took that stand for what was right, exposing blasphemous heresy – and it cost him dearly, as he too became a victim of that wicked one.
    However, in that one moment, this gentle giant of The Word also became a spiritual giant in the eyes of so many believers around the world who hadn’t already known of him. He was brave, loyal and faithful, with a love not only for God and His Word, but also for His people – and he obviously adored his loving wife and family too.
    Oh, how we miss him already but he may be standing in line for more than one Crown on That Day – and I look forward to watching that too. However, his promotion is our loss.
    Our love and prayers continue to go out for Kris and the family. Bill was indeed a very special person who is very sadly missed, however, he features in a documentary we’re making just now and along with all his other wonderful work, his legacy will no doubt continue until The Lord returns and we all meet again.

  15. Julia Reynolds

    I and others I know have been greatly blessed by Bill Randles’ ministry. Praise God for him and his family. May the knowledge that he is with the Lord sustain them in their loss. Sending them love and condolences,
    South Africa

  16. Dee

    It was on this Lighthouse Trails publication, 7 years ago, that I first read something written by Pastor Bill. I immediately knew that he was someone I would love to learn more from. I had NO idea the amount of godly influence, encouragement, solid teaching, etc I would be SO GREATLY BLESSED to receive through him over the years…. This man TRULY had the heart of a humble shepherd to feed Jesus’ sheep… and I know he accepted that role both soberly and as an incredible honor for his LORD. Apparently, the LORD has decided that Bill’s work here is finished and has received him into eternal glory, and for that I am SO THANKFUL… but I have shed MANY TEARS over our loss here… and I never even met him in person. I just loved his humble and giving heart and will miss him so very much. Praying for his lovely wife, large family, and his church fellowship… where I believe he led them for 40 years, and now into the “Promised Land”!! It won’t be long for the rest of us…. maranatha

  17. Deryn Garz

    Our deepest condolences to Kristin and family. Bill’s messages reached us here in South Africa and we have been greatly blessed by his teachings. Although we are so far away, he will be sorely missed. Praise the Lord that we will see him again when Jesus fetches us.

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