1. CW

    I agree, it’s time for that family to get out of “Dodge” (Canada). Unbelievable, isn’t it, HOW ungodly things (people) have become in such a short period of time!?!

  2. Arizona

    WELL like I said way back in the DAYS OF GOOD COMMON SENSE, American men have turned their country over to the women. NOW the [homosexuals] are running everything. BUT not much longer, there will be so few people taken to heaven in America. I really doubt anyone will notice that the rapture has happened.I think the one thing that might get their attention will be all the small children are gone,they’ll scream and cry, BUT IT WON’T get them into heaven…….

  3. B. L.

    When the hospital that delivered the baby said it was a girl, why isn’t that hospital now sue-able since they were wrong and the baby says its a boy? What about school systems that treated that child as a girl yet which is really a boy? Is this the start of lawsuits since the parents thought they had one gender but now find that they have another?

  4. MadMagyar

    Time for him to leave Canada and take his private property (under God’s law as well as common law) with him. If he knew enough about either, he could have argued his own case before the court and they would have recognized his claim, but “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”.

  5. annie

    This is common now. I have three Christian friends. One’s grand daughter came out as gay, (in her 20’s) there is no contact on their side with my friend. My other Christian friend has a daughter in her early 20’s and she has cut her hair real short dresses like a boy, and told her mom she changed her name, and that she is to be called by that name. The other’s grand daughter has now cut her hair real short and wears boys clothing and dark male glasses, she is 14. Her mother has make it known she is an atheist. One common theme of all these 3 women is the family’s have pretty much have cut off my friends because they know they are Christian. One of these friends of mine was also abandoned by 5 other ladies who she has known all her life since childhood because of her love for Israel. They use to meet every month for lunch. It’s just like Jesus said it would be in the last days in Luke 17:26-29.

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