1. sharon carter

    I can’t believe any of the people who wrote these comments even read the Bible. All the judgements, condemnations and hate are so far outside the teachings of God and THE LETTERS IN RED. The Gaithers are great servants of God. You might want to check out the people Jesus hung out with.

  2. BJS

    This is so very sad. Last night I listened for over an hour to the Gaithers singing. It was such a blessing. Then just now found this information. I too will be praying for them and that no more will continue to support them, but with prayer that the prodigals do return.
    I have a friend who accepted Jesus to be her saviour at a Billy Graham crusade. She was given a card to fill out which asked her background. It was catholic. When the catholic church contacted her because her card was sent to them, she would no longer have anything to do with anything Billy Graham. I was so disturbed that was done, that I called the Billy Graham headquarters to report my friends card was sent to the catholic church. The response was that all kinds of people help them (Billy Graham crusades)! None of my friends who were born and raised catholic and became Christians through the truth of God’s Word, ever heard the truth of God’s Word in the catholic church. They learned catholicism.

  3. Mick

    Tragically, all a heretic need do is attach “christ” to their doctrines of devils, and biblically illiterate Christian’s will eat it up. Yes, Gaithers: into, now promoting heresy. Read Gods word. The ONLY defences against the wiles of not only the devil, but rome,’evangelicalism’,macarthur, copeland, etc.. Get that KJV out and READ IT.

  4. Pam

    I’m disappointed in the Gaither’s and will be praying for them, but you’re honestly cutting down Billy Graham? That is in itself disappointing.

  5. Somerset Morkel

    So that means we can just let it go when people slide into apostasy without warning others??
    If we do that, we are apostate as well.
    The Bible is clear about the Great Falling Away.
    This is part of it – good as they were, the Gaithers are now into spiritual impurity.
    You go along, you too.

  6. Redeemed

    My husband and I attended a Gaither Concert, three years ago this Fall, and the Homecoming publication was handed out during intermission. I read the Gloria Gaither / Richard Rohr, interview and was appalled. At the time I didn’t know much about his ‘teachings,’ but it didn’t take long to discern he’s a heretic. That was the last Gaither concert for us.

  7. Carol Davis

    And I will pray for you all that God would open your heart to his love and his grace which is for everyone. There are no finer people on the face of this earth than Bill and Gloria Gaither. They are both “The Face of Christ”!

  8. Linda

    Very disappointing to read this..I recently found a CD that I hadn’t listened to for some time with Bill, Gloria and Danny singing He touched me..I will serve Thee.etc…How I enjoyed it. We are living in a day of deception and discernment is a gift not many Christians allow to operate in their lives. We need to pray for them. God is well able to get them to realize their error..and turn back to him and his word..There could yet be a few more songs they can write to bless the body of Christ but for this to happen they must turn back to the truth of God’s word.

  9. Aaron Lee Easton

    This ‘”back to Rome” spirit/deception is preparation for Antichrist. Evangelicals ought to know better.

  10. John Hudec

    It does not supprise me at all !!! Churches now promote the niv bible over the KJB. The NIV or any other modern bible is a paraphrase of a paraphrase of a paraphrase with many verses taken out or some have completely changed the meaning. And this is a slippery slop you go down when you use these bibles. Look up Mathew 18:11 omitted Luke 4:8 is omitted There are many more examples. If you want to study God’s word then get a bible KJV that is the closest English translation to the original manuscripts. Or else you will drift away with the new age teachings or become luke warm.

  11. Rose Steele

    This is sad. I just told my husband how I like the Gather music. They have ministered to me when I was recovering from an accident. I was in a wheelchair. Praying for them to get out of deception.

  12. Byron Kelley

    The church I used to attend had hymnals designed by the Gaither’s, and it did more to destroy classical hymns by changing words and verses much like Billy Graham did with various books that he bought and re-edited. I haven’t trusted them for a long time and even less so now.

  13. debbie

    are we to assume there were no positive reply’s about a couple who has dedicated their lives to serving God? This is what worries me about the world we live in. The negative overcoming the positive at so many turns, especially when is it so easy. Paul says–Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. are we doing that? we spend so much energy criticizing let’s put it to better use.

  14. Lucia Moir

    I have loved and enjoyed the Gaithers music for many years.. but always had that nagging feeling of compromise, and that has been the problem all along, they both lack discernment

  15. David Ballard

    I have loved the Gaithers music for many years and have albums by them, but this destroys any feelings that led me to believe that they were strong followers of the Lord Jesus. Sad!

  16. Steven Garren

    Bill Gaither has done more to ruin southern gospel Christian music with the rock and roll beat than any other person in my 67 year life. And of course Gloria has been there right along with him. The results have infiltrated even most fundamental Baptist churches. When biblical standards of Christian music are compromised the rest is sure to follow and that too is fast following in many fundamental churches. Bill Gaither’s Disobedience to God’s Word https://www.wayoflife.org/database/bill_gaithers_disobedience.html

  17. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am saddened to hear about Gloria G. but am not surprised. Spiritual Disciplines, Formation are causing many to fall away. People in my conservative church who read the Bible think The Shack and Jesus Calling are wonderful! Pastors need to warn their congregations about these things. Praying, Elizabeth B.

  18. Lydia

    Yes, I have seen that too. It’s not a ‘Bible study’ if the Bible is not used! It needs to be not only the main item used, but the only item used for it to qualify as a Bible study. I notice this too, people have a lack of hunger for the Word. It seems to be anything but the Word. This person’s book, that book, this CD or movie, or that one, or someone’s book about the Word, etc. but it is by a heretic. It’s like they have tired of ‘just plain old manna’ and go lusting after everything and anything else that is enticing to them instead. I started doing a home study with one lady from one church and after some time she fell off the horse because she could not deal with the actual demands of discipleship and other things like that. Then, at another church one thing lead to another and a group was again gathered for a Bible study that I was hosting but one after another fell off the wagon. I was at one of the ladies’ homes on one such occasion and we were the only ones there. I noticed that she had several Bibles and other books in piles at the places that were set around the table. As I had a chance to look around, I glanced over and saw that one of them was ‘Jesus Calling.’ I made a note to warn her about it. I noticed that during the study when it was her time to read, she kept getting off on tangents that took far too long. Then at one point she said that she feels like “it’s been a battle lately to get into God’s Word,” and that she has been struggling and wrestling with that. The fact is that if one dabbles in the occult, they are drawn away from the Bible, and vice versa, even if they don’t realize this is happening. So I thought; “hmmm.” Anyway, I later sent her an email with a warning about the book ‘Jesus Calling,’ along with all the LT info. regarding the dangers. Well, needless to say, she never replied and that was the end of that. But they get drawn away into “enticements from Egypt” that appeal to their senses and whoosh! They are gone, whisked away, while the Bible gets dusty on the shelf. Another sad picture of this is when I was outside a ‘Christian’ bookstore a few years ago, looking in the window. They had every flavor of apostasy in every format all over, books, movies, music, etc. There was a bookshelf near the window by the wall and all the shelves were filled with heretical materials. But way down, on the bottom shelf, were several Bibles… which did have a layer of dust on them. I did not see any other Bibles there and it was a very small store, you could see all of what they had from that one window. This is the state of the church today, it is very weak and sickly with many viruses. ) :

  19. CW

    Barbara Guy said: “It’s very sad when I hear someone say that they are having a Bible study, and not using the Bible for the study. Just how does that qualify as a Bible study?” — This phenomenon troubles me, too. Just when did people decide that the Word of God is not plenty good enough on its own? Seems to me this may be the main reason for the huge drift into apostasy we’ve witnessed over the last couple of decades in particular.

  20. Ron

    I should wonder if the doctrines of easy believism have allowed these things to come into the professing church in the sense that repentance is not emphasized anymore. We should realize that salvation is not dependent on whether or not we prayed any type of a prayer, but on faith in Christ alone. And, I might add, we have to see what it is to repent according to the Bible’s definition. If I read the Scriptures correctly, it means to turn away from sin and turn to the Lord, whether for the first time or on a daily basis.

  21. Barbara Guy

    Yes, Gloria Gaither has been leading people astray for several years into new age apostasy. My sister and I would go to GaitherFest in Myrtle Beach, SC with excitement, but after their promotion of all things “Shack”, and her giving a talk one Saturday morning proclaiming that she, and anyone, could be gods along with God, that was it for us. It’s very sad when I hear someone say that they are having a Bible study, and not using the Bible for the study. Just how does that qualify as a Bible study?

  22. CW

    Sadly, this does not surprise me at all, because I was so shocked when the Gaithers featured Wm Paul Young (author of The Shack) at one of their New Year’s Eve Gatherings not long after the book was published. That showed me that they were drifting in a very bad direction. I read Sue Monk Kidd’s entire autobiographical trilogy (IIRC, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter is the last book) years ago and was stunned to see how far afield she had gone from the Biblical beliefs she espoused for many years. For some reason, a sexist situation her daughter experienced (and SMK witnessed) triggered that change in her life, but that’s never made sense to me because the offending men gave no evidence of being Christians. Nonetheless, that “caused” her to go after a female god(dess). This happened slowly but surely, and began with her reading books by Thomas Merton.

  23. Julie Hamilton

    It seams that people are not reading their Bible’s anymore. They’re being led away from the truth…….deceived into new age doctrine……..scary!

  24. Thelma J Kindervater

    Deception is rampant – only God can save from it. Payers for wisdom, understanding and discernment. Very sad to read this article.

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