1. GJ

    Ditto to what Crystal said.

    A clear conscience is able to see the warning “skull and crossbones label” of the lethal toxicity of these false gods. Are you going to hitch your life and eternity to the words of an errant man… or the Word of an inerrant God?

    The occult… new age… mysticism… pharmakeia drugs… Cornerstone slanters… claim-to-fame is finding a higher consciousness. Doesn’t this amount to the knowledge of good and evil… that the conscience God provides us through the Tree of Life, to seek Him through His Word, isn’t good enough?

    Psalm 119:133 Establish my footsteps in your word. Don’t let any iniquity have dominion over me.

    A conscience masked and smothered through self-justification… deludes one into believing they’re a god who has the authority to alter the Word of God attempting to seize and rule this current world. Look under the hood… and the roots of power for greed… i.e. fear of man from an incriminated conscience… are found.

  2. Crystal

    very timely video! There is a steep rise in catholicism at this time aided by big names such as Jordan Peterson, Candace Owens, Russell Brand, Matt Walsh etc., and those named in the video. Incredible to watch!! Where are the Dave Hunts for this time? Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Great to pass on. Blessings for all that you do! You are needed more than ever before! May God continue to bless you and encourage you in His good work.

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