1. Jeffry

    I wanted to find out about Transcendental Meditation in college so I went to its meeting not knowing that it was an advanced class. The female leader came in and we all stood up. She said let us begin. We all sat down and closed our eyes. About 5 minutes later she said this is a advanced class and would the person who was not advanced leave. She was staring at me. I got up, left, and never went back. It was disturbing.

  2. Keith

    Yes Jem, what we are doing ISN’T working! So called “meditation”, the practice of attempting to empty the mind became popular in the west during the 50’s and 60’s. It is pure eastern religion become mainstream and has become increasingly popular ever since. In the same time, the mass shootings you speak of have increased exponentially. That isn’t to assert a cause and effect relationship (whatever I suspect). But the point is that “meditation” has had no positive effect even although its “cool” and promoted even by the education system!

  3. Keith

    I agree with everything you’ve said, CW, but I want to draw a distinction between the meditation of which you speak, and what is commonly called “meditation”, “TM” (transcendental meditation) and “mindfulness meditation”. You speak of a meditation that thinks deeply on things. However these other “meditations” are a lie. Their purpose is to empty the mind of all thoughts. It casts low value on what the mind can produce and leaves it empty for “valued” outside influences which are uncontrollable.

  4. OneJohnFiveTwelve

    You do realise, Joel that you are not only flying in the face of those who have conducted extensive studies, but also the buddhists and hindus for whom “mindfulness meditation” is a key part of their philosophy and religion? Did you know that an important philosophy behind meditation is to prepare the person for death?

  5. Sharon

    Also we are not told never to judge,this is used by unsaved people to do anything they want to do. And some day God is going to judge this world before He comes back.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    If you want to see the products and results of eastern meditation just look at what happens to the gurus and men who have reached nirvana, etc. They become total idiots or infants and have to be taken care of by their wives, a burden on society and a blight on humankind, or they become filled with evil spirits and are aggressive towards others.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    Eastern or Spiritual Formation meditation techniques try to empty the mind. God wants us to fill our mind with His word daily. Meditating on the chapters that we read when we study God’s word daily does not involve going into trances. I read and study 3 chapters of the O.T. in the a.m. and 1 chapter in the N.T. in the p.m. daily yearly. Eastern and Spiritual Formation are self-centered. They are demonic.

  8. CW

    The value of meditation depends upon its focus and its purpose. If a person is meditating on God’s Word (see Joshua 1), that will bless and strengthen him, will impart the Lord’s wisdom to him, will lead him in the paths of righteousness.

    But if a person is meditating on other things that are not of God, that creates a serious problem. There is no wisdom or help or righteousness in that.

    This scripture is key: Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

    I can attest that God Word is true, that humbly following Him and serving Him IS the Way to real Life, and not only here on earth but throughout eternity.

  9. Bobbi

    Proverbs 1:7

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

  10. Heidi Lavoie

    interesting reply Chas. It seems that no matter what one presents to some people, no matter how factual or even scientific, if they don’t want to believe it they won’t.

  11. Heidi Lavoie

    Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”.
    He also said the peace he gives passes understanding, and that it is not like the world gives. He said to come to him, “all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Any other humanistic or occultic means to try to gain or achieve some kind of peace or rest is not from God and results in alienation from Him and in death.
    The wages of sin is death.
    But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  12. John J

    Chas, you are seeing, among other things, the Endowment effect in action. People are puppets, one way or another: either to their false belief systems, their own egos, or to suggestion in all its forms (NLP, hypnosis, false advertising, etc.).
    Of course, not every person is going to experience all the symptoms and signs mentioned when “meditating,”, but Lighthouse has made it clear it’s a warning, and they have backed it up. Are they supposed to remain quiet? And they are also not sensationalizing the warning, as so many fake Christian sites out there.

    What if I told readers I knew (helped) a woman who had experienced 19 of those signs and symptoms? I could not pinpoint the problem until she finally admitted her involvement in meditation and sexually perverted acts.

    So, meditate at your own risk, but be sure you understand the meaning of the word “meditate.” The word has many meanings.

    Tammy, I sort of understand your problem concerning the controlling church (any church that controls is to be avoided and fled from); they saw meditation as a rival controlling force…control freaks don’t surrender their “power” easily; it’s their hold over your entire life and thoughts. But, reading your comment, Psalm 50:15 came to mind. Have a look. I hope you’ve left that pseudo-church, at least.

  13. Joel

    This is absolutely absurd and incorrect. Meditation is not the culprit here. It is absolutely common for every human being to been through difficult experiences even Hurley trauma. Difficulties are likely to of a risen from this one way or another because that’s how memory works, and that’s how the brain works. Meditation itself is likely not what caused any of the difficulties.

  14. Chas

    Well, there you have it. LHT cites scientific research by doctors and institutions like Brown University (not exactly purveyors of Christianity or anti-New Age “propaganda”) which nevertheless points to the destructive aspects of mindfulness and other meditation practices, and the info is dismissed as “fear mongering”. Real “open-minded, scientific” attitudes, Tammy, Josh and Creed. I suppose there’s absolutely no possibility that you may have been taken in by that billion-dollar meditation industry. No-no, that money stream means nothing. /sarc.

  15. Jem

    This is absurd. Teaching people to learn BASIC meditation strategies to identify a disturbed emotion and work through it is essential. Turn on the news, we just had ANOTHER mass shooting. Simple breathing exercises and calming the mind down when it is turned up by afflictove emotions is what is beneficial in meditation…and can pull a person from the reptilian brain of the fight or flight reaponse into the frontal cortex…deep meditation is not required for this nor is it religious explaination…it is simply calming down the fight or flight reaponse in the mind..which causes numerous negative health effects and these risks you pose as fear and warning….are simply that. The world needs less fear right now. People need to identify fear and work through it as a process of life. People need to accept that everyone jas a differemt peralective and no one is right or wrong- everyone thinks they are the good guy. Love. Compassion. That is the only truth- that is how peace is obtained. Everything comes from this emptiness that you speak in fear of…creation itself. It is natural to fear the unknown: newsflash: all of life is uncertain. Life is a gift that can be full lf struggle and learning to work.through fear so that we are not paralyzed or harming others becaise we do not know how to calm and self regulate our emotions is necessary. Prayer can be helpful. Meditstion is the actual work of putting the intention of prayer to work to feel inner peace. Do yourself a favor and learn about self regulation theories. It seems clear you looked at outdated research from a biased perspective to support your fears and push them as truth. Valid theories and research are built on credible, scholarly , current research not fueled by fear. If you are Christian…you are operating under the guise of belief constructs and have betrayed your Christ by judging others: good news…according to that doctrine you can be forgiven and be kinder…so try it.
    Taking a deep breath and noticing that how we feel can change and pass is essential to disarm the aggression of the world……it may not stop it all but it is a shift in perspective greatly needed because e.what we are doing IS NOT WORKING.

  16. H. Lavoie

    I recommend Ray Yungen’s book, “A Time of Departing”, excellent teaching on all of the Eastern mystical practices.
    Mindfulness, Yoga, and all other types of meditation practices which involve emptying of the mind, are demonic and bring one under occult bondage and demon possession. Yoga is no joke, kundalini is a real demonic serpent spirit. This is spreading widely in society at this point (explosive) because it will change peoples’ consciousness to receive the strong delusion and the Antichrist when he appears. Our adversary does not care which method people use, so long as he takes his victims. Christians need to wake up and understand that we have a real enemy and the effects of his devices are seen everywhere.

  17. Tammy

    I was told by a high controlling cult I was raised in that meditation was so bad. I didnt do it for 50 yrs. That was rubbish. Best thing you can do is calm your thoughts and rest your mind. Thats when God answers your prayers. It has helped me so many ways. It has helped me spiritually to get closer to God.

  18. Creed

    Just another scare tactic by the church (control) to keep people scared and in fear. Also, keep in mind the church doesn’t want you to find the power that’s within you. They want to keep you blind, stupid and uneducated.

    Go read, learn and most importantly close your eyes in silence and listen to your most inner self. I promise your soul wants nothing more than you to realize your full potential.

  19. Elizabeth Bennett

    It is true; it was the righteous prophets who had discernment and called out the priests, levites and Israelites on their apostasy and sins.

  20. Elizabeth Bennett

    I would never allow my children or grandchildren to attend a public school now. Public school is a dangerous place, unless there is a true Christian teacher who has discernment as to what is evil. However, Christian teachers may be forced to do these things or lose their jobs. I would resign before doing yoga or meditation in class. More and more parents are placing their children in Christian schools or are home-schooling. In socialistic countries in Europe, Canada and Sweden home-schooling is frowned upon; parents are subject to arrest or they have to prove that the child is progressing academically and socially. I know, because my grandchildren are missionary kids and had to be home-schooled due to persecution in the public school.

  21. Browsing

    All the scientific evidence and studies are important for those who need them for persuasion. For the
    Christian, remembering our Biblical instruction should be what persuades.

    It’s distressing to know we’re to meditate upon God’s word, and yet hear some in the Church speak of meditation as if it were about nothing but self — or worse, listening for the voices of spirits they refuse to test. Psalm 119 has often struck me as the writer sharing his thoughts on his own meditations about the importance of God’s word.

    It’s further distressing when pastors speak of “emptying” their minds in order to “listen,” when we’re told to think on whatever is lovely, and to fix our eyes and thoughts upon Jesus. Isaiah makes clear that a steadfast mind comes from trusting God, and Peter gives us a graphic picture of what it means to “entrust…to Him who judges justly” when tempted to retaliate under duress.

    “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.” I know too many Christians who don’t really know how to do that. They prefer to Netflix and chill after work, and don’t know how to come to Jesus, only how to make jokes about “come to Jesus” moments.

    The world is never going to offer you the genuine rest and peace you and your children need. If you don’t know how to follow the instructions in Isaiah 26:3 and Hebrews 3: 1 and 12: 2, find a mature and discerning person who can help you, so you can teach your children how to approach the throne of grace in their own time of need.

  22. T. I. Miller

    Please please could anybody point to a passage in the Bible where the Levitical Priesthood ever confronted other Israelite s of “whoring’ after false gods and or false teachings.
    I read about a long list of non-Levites or non-clergy exposing and confronting it. We can read about the judges and the prophets and the Kings that did but never the professional clergy.
    I read about about the Levites neglecting the Law of Moses for so long that they forgot that it existed . they forgot where it was located in the Temple.
    I am aware where they challenged true teachers. They demanded to know who gave them authority to teach. This is how they challenged John the baptist and Jesus and the Apostles.
    We have the same problem with today’s clergy. They challenge LHTR and other such defenders of the faith with the same lame distractions.
    Let me translate their favorite saying, ” We want to be known what we are for not for what we are against”. This means, we are spineless gutless cowards. This means we are ashamed of the gospel. This means we will never boldly defend the faith. We let the wolves in sheep clothing savage the faith and the souls of the flock that we are supposed to protect. Real shepherd like David run to and attack the lions and bears. Real hirelings only think of protecting themselves. Hirelings cannot bothered to keep current with the massive wave of false teachers and teaching. They love the seat of honor and receiving respectful greetings more than they love either the flock or God. Their determined neglect is the very tool the antichrist will use to launch himself into his wicked throne.

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