1. Jeffry

    Very good comment T.I. Miller. Another step towards the end of days. Israel being back in its Promised Land as a nation with Jerusalem as its capital is in step with prophecy. Why is the Rapture near? The Bible gives us the answer. The Lord Jesus told us His return would be as the days of Noah, violence and corruption, the days of Lot leaving Sodom that ended with the destruction of Sodom. Should we add the Apostate Church? What do they all have in common? God IS NOT in their thoughts or actions. God wants our worship and obedience to The Word of God. This Pandemic is stopping Church gatherings all over the world to worship Our Savior. No worries, God is in control. Preach the Gospel Dear Christians to everyone you can. Pray for all you know that is not saved. Our Heavenly Father is still saving souls in this day of Grace.

  2. T. I. Miller

    God hasn’t granted anyone permission to giveaway one inch of the promised land, not even Israel the nation. The Hebrews are His chosen stewards of His land and no one else.

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