1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I wrote a personal, handwritten letter to President Corey several yrs. ago expressing my deep concerns about the Spiritual Formation emphasis at Biola and also allowing homosexual behavior on campus. I never got a reply.

  2. Andrew

    I just read your report on Dr. Barry Corey going on a Catholic mystical sabbatical. I just want to thank you for reporting the truth. Again, I wrote to you before, but I am the student who in 2008 told you about the spiritual corruption of Biola’s campus. I wrote a post on my old bog I used to write on about being the one who told you and coming out as the student who told Lighthouse Trails. I am not going to keep it a secret anymore. https://wordpress.com/post/whitedragonawa.wordpress.com/1749 I don’t need you to post this, but to show the editors that their website did help somebody in need in 2008, and I am free from them to say what I want 10 years later.

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