1. Maggie

    Very disturbing that it is yet another deceptive new age book, in pretty packaging.
    The eneny always uses part truth.
    It bothered me the first few pages.
    The TRUTH OF CHRIST is added to in this book.
    Jesus warns ‘do not be deceived’.
    Touched by an Angel NEVER uses the Name of Jesus.
    I pray The Lord opens the eyes of our understanding and gives greater spiritual discernment to all…….incl all the pastors named.

  2. Rebecca

    So sad! I’m sure that she is a lovely, sincere person but is walking to the beat of a different drummer and it is not the God of the Bible. She has joined ranks with many others promoting feel good, tickle the ears philosophy. Sorry to see the names of endorsers of her book. Many of them were sound teachers but have allowed their ministries to become watered down by teaching new age type of thought.

  3. Rebecca

    I am not surprised at the well known and respected ministry leaders endorsing her book. As many do, they are just looking on the surface and not where this person stands on Bible truth. She might be a lovely, caring person but is walking to the best of a different drummer. Sad to say, some of the supporters do, as well. May God have mercy on us all.

  4. Lillian

    So sad shes been deceived. We are truly in the last days. This is New Age doctrine of devils. We need to pray.😞

  5. Anna Rosa

    Also, on KWAVE, the big Calvary Chapel radio station, they interviewed Roma about what could have been this book or a movie or something and butterflies were mentioned. It’s being promoted all over the place. ) :

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