1. Polly

    Yrs ago, my Methodist Church, a big one, purchased Warren’s books, programs, Bible study, etc. They spent lots of money. Then came time to teach his studies. I tried several times as a teacher, to get into his studies for the group who had signed up. I had to continually make my own corrections as he incorrectly quote scripture and twisted the meaning. I was tired of it. We made it through half the study and nobody wanted to continue. It never did catch on in my church. Now, the Methodists are studying God only knows what.

  2. Tris Miller

    You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.
    You can alert a Christian to wolves in sheep clothing but you cant make them think.
    Having said that I can partly understand it. If, for example, someone wanted to discredit LHTR as being wolves I would be very dismissive of such nonsense.
    Never the less, as is every Christians duty, I would do my own research. I cannot just simply wave off any serious accusation against anyone.
    Some request that i would send them more information when I alert them . Today anyone with minimal time and initiative can do the research themselves. Perhaps they are “too” busy but why risk it? I would hate to think that I recommended approval of a wolf to anyone because I was to unconcerned about the safety of the flock.

  3. Jeffry

    Excellent comments. Sadly, we see Apostate Christianity coming together as a one world religion with a fake Christ, Satans Man of Sin. The word of God foretells us that the Man of Sin will obtain world dominion as the result of a Confederacy of Nations. The rulers of which with one consent, commit their Power and Authority to the Man of Sin. (Revelation 17:3 with Revelation 13:8.) The Man of Sin will claim He is God. How close is the Rapture? We are watching for our Savior who will take every “Born Again” Christian Home to Heaven for all eternity. Pray and warn all who are not saved to listen to God’s Grace and Love for them before it is too late. God Bless the Gospel.

  4. Heidi Lavoie

    I am finishing my post on Rick Warren’s Peace Plan. The text on the website continues: “In the Great Commission he called each of his followers….to live lives on mission”. Then the Bible is misquoted and says this: “All authority is given to me in heaven and earth . . . Therefore go.” (PERIOD). THE PART ABOUT MAKING DISCIPLES IS COMPLETELY LEFT OUT ANT THAT IS DELIBERATE.
    Rick Warren has spoken with the forked tongue of a deceiver all these years and nothing has changed. Rather he is at the forefront together with the Pope spearheading and mobilizing the false church of the last days which is headed for God’s judgment.

  5. Heidi Lavoie

    I knew over twenty years ago that Rick Warren’s teachings were deception and lies. But now I wondered what happened to him? I know he retired from his post at Saddleback, but wondered what was up with the Peace Plan he authored way back then.
    I did a search online and found an official website for the Peace Plan. It is up to date and seizes upon the current crises the world is facing to help make their case. Some of the content is as follows: “Imagine a world where the local church was the engine for transformation in every community”. My response to this is, the true believers will never be that in this world as the world hates them. To be this so called engine for transformation takes a compromised ecumenical “church” which is now hasting its way toward fully merging with the one world religion of Antichrist. It is claimed in the summary on the website that “believers…..were created by God…..to make an impact on the world. This point is emphasized again where it says, members of a church can be “mobilized to make an impact”. This is unbiblical as the church was called to preach the Gospel and to make disciples. Reference is then made to Jesus giving authority to the church to “be the agent of demonstrating his love to the world”. We are certainly to do that as believers, but again, it is leaving out what the Great Commission actually is, making disciples of all Nations, and this is further demonstrated in the text of the summary that follows,

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    I heard that Rick Warren had fired all musicians and singers 40 yrs. and older. He wanted his musicians to all be young. As a result many members left the Saddleback church. Then I heard that Rick had resigned as pastor and is waiting for a pastor to take his place. Does anyone have an update on this question?

  7. Bill

    I’m looking forward to Rick Warren going to prison for protesting against mandatory vaccines soon. Many churches still believe in sanctity of life and are against any vaccine that has connection to aborted babies. While he may tell his own congregation to “Vax and mask! Vax and mask! Vax and mask!” it is great to know that he will be willing to go to jail for those of us that are agaisnt the vaccine.

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