1. Andre C. Y. van der Lans

    Gender transitioning operations are the total destruction of the human race. All animals, including Homo sapiens, come in 2 genders which guarantees reproduction and therefore the survival of the species. Not every specimen is willing to reproduce and is attracted by the same gender. this is a ‘normal’ exception made by Mother Nature during the child-bearing time. Some animals, again including Homo sapiens, are born with different feelings, it happens and that is accepted. However when little children at the age of 12 to 14 years are fed with the gender change possibilities and are urged to think whether they are born I the right body, it becomes dangerous. Because a child of that age has not yet discovered life and is absolutely not able to take a decision which causes a lifelong change. There is
    no-way-back and except from the genital changes there is a lifelong support needed of hormons etc. Therefore we (my extensive circle) do not promote nor condemn the gender change but an age threshold should be implemented.

  2. Heidi Lavoie

    There is currently a bill being tabled by our Federal Liberal government, Bill S – 20 to ban conversion therapy in Canada. This has far reaching implications for Christians and could very well make it criminal to be Christian in Canada. It could cause churches to lose their tax exempt status and pastors will be jailed if someone is converted in their congregation. The bill is expected to pass quickly.

  3. Retta

    This ends well… Jesus really is coming ; I read the last page; but I agree we need to be bold and speak the truth .; regardless of consequences

  4. Dee

    My heart hurts reading this. Like you I’m so afraid for my grandchildren. What kid at age 14 is able to have a clue what their future holds with a life altering decision. And to think the father has no say. This is a travesty.

    We do know how it ends though and it will be far worse than this! These things are the fulfillment of Romans 1 where God “gave them over….” but these horrific happening are the prelude to the Man of Sin being revealed.

  5. John J

    Over the last 20 years or so, I have witnessed Canada’s moral decline. In 1995, it was the place I wanted to settle, now, 25 years later, I’m so glad I had not. My son and I studied Canada for a long period of time. He is now in another country, where he and his wife are happy.
    It’s frightening when all that is despicable is held up as being “good.”
    Any country that has a city like Toronto and what it has produced over the years (sexually wise, anti-moral wise; its number of fake churches and fake gospels, the Toronto Blessing but one joke) can’t, simply can’t turn around.
    It’s up to individuals to make a stand.
    AlbertaGirl, I feel for you, but know that God will not/cannot forsake those who are His.

  6. AlbertaGirl

    My heart is breaking for my country… the radicals and the U.N are literally ruling EVERYTHING.

    I dont even know what can turn it around anymore when even members of our Conservative (in name only) party has moved so far left and are embracing these radical groups as well.

    We are at the most defining cross roads in our history, the media is literally bought off and co trolled by the gov, they are bullied by censorship board as well as big tech companies. Trudeau is ‘licensing’ media in order to destroy the few alternative media sources we can get truths from.
    Our courts are ruled by radicals, our free speech is gone and threatened by the human rights tribunal…

    These radical trans ‘Drs’ are completely protected and theres no such thing anymore as ‘do no harm’, especially when we are at the level of transitioning a THREE YEAR OLD?!!

    What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good, the truth is a lie and visa versa and scientific evidence is all up for debate.
    Morals are evil and EVERYTHING is acceptable except Christianity, white people and men.

    I dont know how this ends, but weve lost our country and our people are too LAZY to stand up against the gov, or anyone in numbers.

    I’m terrified for my grandchildren’s futures. I’ve never been this afraid in my life.

  7. Heidi Lavoie

    How is it that Canadian law could even try to dictate to you since you are American?? Does Canadian law have jurisdiction in the U.S.?? Or is this because the internet is global so somehow they have the “right” to do this?
    It is astounding that we see this happening, wherein the rights and freedoms are being annihilated in our country. And yet it should not surprise us as it is the spirit of antichrist and we know that it is certainly the last hour. This is the result “when a nation forgets God”. There cannot be much time left and we will see Jesus for he will take his own to be with him before the cataclysmic judgements fall on this world.

  8. Ian Morris

    I just sent a request for help to Dr. Wally… “Can you help me please, One of my daughter’s has identified as a thief, she has stolen from our family. But that is alright, chill! We fully support her and if she needs any lock-picking classes in the future we will pay for them. If she needs a crowbar or other tools to burlglarize homes we will start a gofundme page to help her achieve her goals. She has chosen to join a gang of criminals and they have plans for home invasions and bank robberies. As parents we will do all we can to make sure her dreams come true! We want to be great parents! Her right to be whatever she wants must be honoured at all costs.”

  9. Jo

    This is so sad. We know that things will wax worse and worse. Like in the days of Noah. It makes one wonder how bad it was then that God destroyed the Earth and it’s inhabitants because of the evil that was throughout… But left a man and his family. Tis a slippery slope now that humanity is sliding down now, accepting evil as good and good as evil. My heart is breaking for those that don’t have Jesus Christ in their lives.

  10. justsayin

    This is horrific! My niece came out on face book. She is in her 20’s, and last summer she changed her name to a boy’s name. She has no contact with us. She knows I am a Christian, I have witnessed to her. She barely talks to her mother a Christian too. My two other young nieces are being brain washed as well but I don’t think it has gone to this level yet, because right now they are being encouraged to decrease their global foot print by not eating meat. What ever they are told by their teachers they believe because they are suppose to trust them, they are changing your children’s worldview. There are so many ‘Christians’ by name only that have their kids in public schools. If we want to be faithful to our Lord and Savior I believe we are sinning by continuing to allow your children in public schools. How can you counter what they do to your children? You can’t. Satan knows it. “And there are gathered unto him vain men, the children of Belial, and have strengthened themselves against Rehoboam the son of Solomon, when Rehoboam was young and tenderhearted, and could not withstand them.” 2 Chr. 13:7 “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with and infidel? 2 Cor. 6:15 (see verse 14 also)

  11. John J

    Oh, and good on Lighthouse for not giving in to the Canadian law firm; indeed, some people think they can control everyone. No, they can’t.

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