1. Mrs Lenher

    Hacksaw Ridge medal of Honor recipient is a 7th day Adventist and their baptism is when they claim they are born again thus saved by water. Of course Gregg Laurie will still think Desmond Doss is a “committed” believer in Jesus Christ but it isn’t the Jesus Christ of scripture. Just like the Mary of Roman Catholicism is not the Mary of scripture. Lighthousetrails is a bastion for truth and discernment and the mergers prove they want nothing to do with either. Mrs TL

  2. Mrs Lenher

    As long as you, if you are a true christian keep any of the Roman Catholic holy days of obligation, ie Christ-Mass you will never be an effective witness to Roman Catholics or genuine in your stand of not being ecumenical because they will see that you are not really following a different Jesus; they will only know that you disagree with some of their teachings. During the Reformation and up until the 1800’s Christmas wasn’t celebrated in the United States. In 1870 Dec 25 was declared a federal holiday. Mrs TL

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    Most R. Catholics are born into a Catholic family; they do not choose to become C. If you leave the R.C. Church you are ostracized by family and friends. It takes a lot of courage to leave R. Catholicism. This church has a stranglehold on its members, who are not encouraged to read the Bible. One neighbor in Spain told me she could never abandon the Virgin Mary.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    I never wanted to see the entire Passion of the Christ. I did happen to see snippets of the movie and noticed that Mary had a large role in this movie. It had a R.Catholic slant to it.

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