Brian McLaren Included on New Age Vision Project

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On a website called The Vision Project the motto reads: “Something Wonderful is Trying to Happen to and Through Humanity.” A brief description explains:

The Vision Project is a gathering of the visions of people from many walks of life, nations and races, some well-known and some not. Letting these visions play through your mind and heart will change you. You will no longer wonder if we are going to make it, and you will be better able to see how.

The site lists who they consider those visionaries who fulfill the goal of seeking planetary peace and unity. People we would expect to find on such a list like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Andrew Cohen, Jean Houston, and Robert Muller are predictably there. The “visions” of these and other New Agers on the list involve the earth reaching a point where man realizes his divinity within and that he is a co-creator and the master of his own destiny. What these visions do not incorporate though is the idea of a single Savior and a planet full of wretched sinners who desperately need this Savior for salvation from eternal hell.

To the surprise of some, but not to this writer, emerging church leader Brian McLaren is on this list of planetary visionaries. Many may think there has been some mistake. After all, a couple years ago Time magazine named him one of the 25 most influential evangelical Christians.1 And he frequents the chapel services of many Christian colleges and seminaries. And yes, his books are in most Christian bookstores.

Brian McLaren may or may not know his name is on this website. But that is not the point. What is significant here is that New Age proponents view his spiritual proclivities as similar to their own. After studying McLaren’s teachings for some time now, we would have to agree … his vision belongs on the list. McLaren, who has in the past questioned the idea of God sending His Son to a violent death on a Cross calling it and hell “false advertising for God,” has consistently taught ideas that do indeed line up with a New Age vision of humanity realizing its divinity within:

[O]ne of the huge problems is the traditional understanding of hell. Because if the cross is in line with Jesus’ teaching then–I won’t say, the only, and I certainly won’t say even the primary–but a primary meaning of the cross is that the kingdom of God doesn’t come like the kingdoms of the this world, by inflicting violence and coercing people. But that the kingdom of God comes through suffering and willing, voluntary sacrifice. But in an ironic way, the doctrine of hell basically says, no, that that’s not really true. That in the end, God gets His way through coercion and violence and intimidation and domination, just like every other kingdom does. The cross isn’t the center then. The cross is almost a distraction and false advertising for God.2

To back up McLaren’s rejection of the message of Christ’s atonement through blood, McLaren endorsed the back cover of Reimagining Christianity by Alan Jones. In this book, Jones calls the doctrine of the Cross a vile doctrine.3

The Vision Project chose a few other names that keep popping up in Christian circles. Bono, for instance, is listed as is Richard Rohr and David Steindl-Rast, these two latter names being major proponents for mantra meditation (i.e., contemplative spirituality). You will more and more find these two names showing up on the shelves of Christian bookstores and in Christian colleges as is with McLaren.

The Vision Project is registered to Vox Sophia Publishing, the publishing arm of The School of Ageless Wisdom in Arlington, Texas, USA, focusing on the teachings of occultist Alice Bailey. It is Bailey who, through her channeled work, said that the age of enlightenment (when all realize their divinity) will not come to the earth around the Christian church but rather through it. And that is something to think about.

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