1. Gramma

    AMEN! Thank you for speaking the ‘truth’. I pray that people will read this and if need be, research for themselves and they will understand what is really going on.

  2. CW

    I know the vaccine you’re talking about, though the name of it escapes me at the moment. An RN in Indiana who has as much knowledge as many doctors due to many years of continuing education, says that vaccine is very dangerous, has side effects that parents are not informed of.

    She said that she would never allow a child of hers (boy or girl; they’re giving it to both) to have it.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I have also read that a vaccine that was given to young girls in Africa to supposedly prevent cervical cancer made the girls sterile or worse. They may be giving it to girls here in the U.S. If anyone knows more about this please contact me.

  4. CW

    P.S. When my children were young, there weren’t nearly as many vaccines given to babies/toddlers then. The sheer number of them these days is mind-boggling! And they do cause major side effects.

  5. CW

    Elizabeth, it’s not only this new vaccine — parts of aborted babies have been routinely used in virtually every vaccine in recent years. The obvious question is WHY???

    After two of our children had severe reactions to vaccines, our pediatrician acknowledged that and scaled down using vaccines with them. As I learned more and more, I decided to let our youngest child be free of all vaccines (as a homeschooling family, we had that option). He is now a young man and has been amazingly healthy all his life — much healthier than any of our other children, much healthier than others, on average.

    I did not know that about the polio vaccine effect in Africa! Thank you for posting that here. I don’t trust anyone in WHO or any other agency/persons colluding with them.

  6. Elizabeth Bennett

    Just found out that the polio vaccine that Bill Gates funded in Africa has given children full-blown polio. I also heard that parts of aborted babies are being used in the Corona virus vaccines. The WHO, FDA. CDC are not to be trusted; they are in cahoots with China and liberals and big Pharma. Viruses are constantly mutating, so by the time a vaccine comes out it will not work right. I am not a scientist or doctor, but that is what I have heard some doctors say.

  7. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am putting the info on the Romanian pastor again; it seems to have been messed up. The title is From Communism to Chicago–Churches Under Fire, Matt Staver Liberty Counsel.

  8. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am not very computer savvy but the article about the Romanian pastor is at , Sept. 2, 2020, 11:12 a.m.
    The title is From Communism to Chicago–Churches

    Under Fire, Matt Staver, Liberty Counsel

  9. Matthew finneran

    Are you serious? By that logic you can never meet in a church building again. A healthy adult is more likely to be killed in a car accident driving to church than to be killed by Covid, a child more likely to be struck by lightening. When will Christians wake up and realize we’ve all been scammed. It’s not about our safety, it’s about destroying or way of life. The communist, marxist, atheist play book is to exploit a crisis with fear and propaganda so that we’ll gladly sacrifice our freedoms to feel safe. What part of “congress shall make no laws” do you not understand? Constitutional rights are not rights if they can be taken away arbitrarily by the opinions of those in authority. The governor is not a king. The executive branches cannot declare edicts or write laws. I guess we should force all the U.S. missionaries in the Mid East to come back to the U.S. or face fines of $5,000 a day. It’s certainly a lot more life threatening in that environment than it is here. And being safe is all that matters for Christians today. We’d rather stay at home, watch church on tv and hope Jesus comes back than to live the full, obedient life of evangelism, discipleship and fellowship he’s called us to.. Please do some critical research in all of this instead of repeating the talking points of the CDC and WHO. Would you be so compliant if you knew Fauci and Gates both stand to profit from the vaccines they are both advocating as the only way to thwart this “pandemic?”…

  10. Elizabeth Bennett

    Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago has threatened a pastor with the bulldozing of his church if he continues to hold services. The pastor is a refugee from Romania, so he can see Communism when it appears here. Pray for all pastors here in America.

  11. Andre Lannoo

    is sitting close together in a room and breathing heavily in someones neck (singing) really that healthy?
    Meet outsite, sit awy from each other, and then sing God’s praise.

  12. CW

    Until Constitutionally-aligned non-hostile heads can prevail, maybe it’s time to go to “underground” house church meetings? Just a thought.

  13. Jeffry

    Imagine, if you will, the satanic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, who has already turned San Francisco into a cesspool, is dealing with wild fires, blackouts, homelessness, riots and killings is now shutting down his state to purple lockdown because the vast majority of positive Covid results should have been NEGATIVE. The only color this satanist should use is in a Coloring Book! Pray for all churches that these communist Governor’s are removed from office now!! The spiritual war goes on.

  14. Elizabeth Bennett

    This governor and mayor are ruining CA. No one will want to live here with the severe lockdowns and restrictions on churches. Most of our worship is now impossible, but faithful Christians are continuing. Persecution of Christians continues around the world. Restaurants closed as well as churches. Can eat outside only. Schools closed. Am thankful that there have been no riots where I live, but I am praying for those in the riot-blighted cities. But God’s Word remains, praise the Lord! Am praying for pastors.

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