1. MIAME

    Not sure what you’ve said here regarding a church that has taken a stand for God’s authority over man. However, having been in GCC, i have heard the TRUE GOSPEL from the pulpit!

    Agree, Calvinism does confuse. Almost all have gotten so intellectual over Scripture they can/do distort; “Christ would not any should perish”…the arrogance they exhibit on others is a disgrace/distortion of “Salvation to all” who’d Believe.
    For you my friend, in the way of Dave Hunt; soft answers, benevolence in communication will gain you respect for your thought.

  2. John and Beth, I also think Calvinism/Reformed churches have a false gospel – I believe they have a different Jesus than the Bible explains. And all of the leaders of this movement are very worshiping of man’s intellect – specifically their own. The big name Reformed leaders of today have a very strong clique and each of them is hypocritical in their associations and conferences they speak at (Catholic connections etc.) but none of them will denounce the other’s wrong – they are thick together like the loyalty Masons have within their organization. Makes a person say hmmmmmmm I personally feel God has convicted me to not attend any church that has taken the 501(c)3 designation because that would be like Jesus asking Rome to give him a tax break when He was out and about teaching. No, Rome was the enemy and America being so heavily infiltrated by Masonry on all levels should not be involved in the Holy work of God. Anytime I see a church with an American flag on the stage/pulpit area, I shake my head and say no, that is not right.

  3. John J

    Ann, for the record, please exclude me from your “for you and me” statement and the “freedoms” to which you referred. Jesus set me free, long ago, I don’t need attention-seeking false movements and charismatic leaders to fill that supposed gap.
    I don’t associate with Calvinist/Reformed movements who preach a false gospel and who lead many astray. I have nothing to do with them, and I thank God for the understanding he gave me years ago to see them for what they are.
    I can understand it may be difficult for someone who is not directly involved in COVID-19 cases/who does not have the necessary and basic information about COVID-19 to cling to a man-made institution, as the one mentioned, thinking that place can save and lead the way. It does nothing of the kind.
    In Jesus, fellow born-again believers and I have what we need: Freedom, assurance, the love to spread the true, saving gospel. We know things will pass; the devil is not behind every bush. He simply does not have that power.
    So, please, in the future, don’t count me in with anything Calvinist/Reformed. It would be an insult.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    When our leaders openly pick on places of worship to persecute we need to obey God and not man. We have horrendous 3-digit temperatures at the moment with intense humidity, so it would be difficult to meet outside. We met inside our church last Sunday with masks and distancing. When will someone free us from tyrannical governors and mayors? I pray this prison-lockdown will end soon so we can be normal again, but maybe many are turning to Christ at this time? There are cures for the virus. The latest edict from our CA governor says no Bibles or leaflets. Unbelievable!

  5. Ann Lawson

    This is a true gospel church ! Its about freedoms , for you and me . Some things money cant buy ! It’s also illegal to block churches from opening, so the law is on his side and more importantly GOD is on is side in this matter @ STAND STRONG , STAND FIRM FOR CHRIST !

  6. JANNE

    Understanding the Bible for any faith (or for the faithless), would go a long way to understanding the Constitution and our RIGHTS.

    Moses brought the Law to a lawless humanity. Man DOES need to obey law but NEVER at the cost of defying God.

    Our leaders are Defying God and Law, leading the Nation astray.
    No God in school!
    Children, future leaders being aborted, even after they’ve been born!
    People need the LORD, encouragement and fellowship with one another. They keep bars open for lesser reason. Liquor stores offer addictive solutions. Grace Community offers the hope of Eternal life, while living this one.

  7. John J

    . . . or it could be that the money is running low, especially in that specific non-true gospel church. I said everyone will use and abuse coronavirus. Here we go…

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