1. M. V.

    Current case law, recently adjudicated by the Supreme Court, is a strong defense against bullying by the CA government over this issue.

    SCOTUS reaffirmed citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, (which encompasses the entire “pronouns” issue), in the case of the Colorado web designer whose rights were upheld even over state law.

    Other recent decisions also apply.

    Perhaps CA citizens can act quickly to obtain a legal injunction,

    First Liberty Institute and Pacific Justice Institute readily share up-to-date legal information. Educating the public is a major goal.

    Please pray for everyone to know how to effectively defend themselves from this obscene violation of inalienable rights.

    Please pray for parents to truly understand that public schools in CA and other states are currently a danger to children.

    Lord, concerning this attempt at brutal lawlessness against children and families, bring glory to Your Name. Please empower resistance which overthrows state wickedness by sound-mindedness and love. CA population way outnumbers a handful of demonized (deceitfully-placed) legislators. Thank You, Lord.

    ~ ~ remembering prenatal Babies Doe senselessly slaughtered by lethal lunacy

    1 Corinthians 15:58

  2. Steven Strickland

    I used to live in California. So glad to be out, but the above is really spreading everywhere. The article reminded me of a comment by Dr. J. Vernon McGee on the three stages to the downfall of a nation. (1) spiritual apostasy, (2) moral awfulness, (3) political anarchy. This country is experiencing all three. Time to “Look Up”

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