1. Jeannette P

    As a young Christian I was taught Calvinism and (at first being very afraid of “Losing my salvation” if I messed up) found “Once Saved Always Saved” a comfort.

    However, after a few years and more knowledge of the Bible, I eventually came to the conclusion that the Bible doesn’t support Calvinism. Neither does it support Armenianism. These are man-made constructs invented to explain one of what the apostle Paul called “Mysteries”.

    If God is love then it is impossible to force anyone to love Him. Forced love is not love. Therefore He MUST give us the choice to receive Him…or not. This IS grace, not works.

  2. J

    Dear Calvinists, It is very very dangerous to change even 1 Word in God’s Holy Bible. Sadly many people are doing this right now. The Heavenly Father sent His Holy Son Our Lord Jesus into this world to go to Calvary and shed his blood to take away our SINS. We repent from our sins and ask for forgiveness and trust Him as our Lord and savior. Lord be merciful a sinner. We cannot save ourselves. Salvation from our Lord Jesus Christ takes us to Heaven. Time is running out. Do not put it off.

  3. Theresa Clay

    Thank you. There is another booklet I would love to see you publish, called The Faith of God’s Elect by John F Parkington. It explains the verses that mention the term election and puts it in the proper context. I think it would turn many a Calvinist around. I appreciate your ministry! Theresa Clay

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