1. Susan Magario

    Street preachers around the world are willing to be jailed for preaching the gospel. What are we doing today while we still have the freedom to do so?

  2. MbTu

    Canada’s demise was purchased decades ago. School curricula went “woke”. Prime Ministers signed agreements handing over national sovereignty. In 2015, JT sealed that deal. We are no longer a nation. We are a state within the global system that was inaugurated Jun 2020, which is why our national laws, our constitution, our Charter & our Bill of Rights, are meaningless. Organs of the nation Canada, which no longer exists, these laws are defunct.
    Increasingly, I see JT as one of the 10 horns (Rev 17-18) giving our power and abilities to the system that is the beast from the “sea”.
    Let us prepare ourselves to meet our King, and make sure His gospel is preached to every creature in our company.

  3. Gramma

    Canada has been taken over by the W.H.O?W.E.F/U.N/ E.U…..We gave them an ‘inch’ and they took a ‘mile’…

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