1. Marion

    God bless you for telling your story so the world may know the truth. One day these monsters will stand before God and be called to account for their unbelief and for the murder of innocent children. And they will be punished here on earth,too.

  2. Tim Redwood

    I am a band member of Cowessess First Nations (Cree) where 751 unmarked graves were recently discovered.
    My Mother, Aunts (3), Uncle, and several relatives went through this Residential School (Marieval) where the unmarked graves were discovered. In my lifetime I have heard many (and I mean “many”) horrific testimonies and oral stories of how they all suffered tremendous verbal, physical, sexual, psychological abuse. One of my Aunts was beaten so severely by a nun that she couldn’t walk for a week.
    When I started grade school, my parents put me in a Catholic school. I was in 1st, 2nd grade and part of my 3rd grade year when my parents, upon the recommendation of one of the Catholic nuns (she actually had a heart), pulled me out and transitioned me to the town’s Public School. My 1st grade, 2nd, grade, part of 3rd grade in the Catholic school are filled with painful memories. With the exception of the nun who persuaded my parents to move me over to the Public school, the nuns and head priest were physically and verbally abusive. I witnessed my classmates being abused in so many ways. My 2nd grade year I was seriously injured on the playground during morning recess ( severe head concussion), the nuns made me sit at my desk for well over an hour before calling my parents and seeking medical attention. I was in the hospital for almost a week as a result.
    Being a Christian, I will NOT burn down Catholic Churches, I will endeavour to burn down Roman Catholic…

  3. John J

    Indeed, actions have consequences. Canada’s true colors are fading with each passing year.

  4. Matthew Grider

    God bless you for shedding light on this horrible atrocity. The Catholic Church must be called to account for their crimes against innocent children. What they did was genocide.

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