1. Elizabeth Bennett

    The Equality Act bill that is in Congress today, April 3rd, is a bill that would make Christianity illegal if you do not obey it. I called the Dem members from CA and requested that they vote no on this dangerous bill. Among other horrors men could enter women’s bathrooms, sleeping quarters, etc. and an 8-yr old child could be given hormones to change its sex. Sex at birth would be irrelevant. Christians should be calling their state reps to protest this Nancy Pelosi bill.

  2. CW

    Let me get this straight — if her parents refer to this girl as “she” or “her”, they would be found guilty of “family violence”??? Mercy! Apparently parents have NO parental rights in Canada. Scary, scary. This is why American parents need to stay vigilant about this issue. Ken Ham posted an article on his blog, titled Sad Consequences of the Gender Revolution. The article here shows yet another sad consequence of it. He also has another article at his blog which shows that France has outlawed using Mother and Father on school forms? Maybe other forms too. All of this sheds new, horrific light on the scripture passage in Isaiah 5 where the Lord decrees severe consequences for those who call evil good and good evil. https://answersingenesis.org/family/gender/sad-consequences-of-gender-revolution/

  3. The school and Dr. Hursh and BC Hospital are sinning big time! “Maxine” is their little experiment. “Told” she should take hormones? That is the real violence. How dare they mess with this child’s mind!!!
    Those poor parents. I am surprised the country has not taken the child away to cause complete confusion and total brain washing. It is mental rape, sexual perversion, and molestation on this child.
    I can’t write anymore because I don’t want to lose my witness.

  4. John J

    This is wrong ethically, morally, spiritually, mentally, physically. A few years ago, my son and I decided against moving to Canada after we’d done thorough, long-term research on that country’s limpwristed mentality and so-called liberty (yeah, I know not all Canadians are the same).

    May this absurd, Mickey Mouse ruling and interference by a counselor (has any counselor been any good? Ever? No. The parents and family members are supposed to be their children’s guides; not some ‘counselor’) serve as a dire warning to people to wake up and smell reality. Not very normal, is it?

    The worst counselors of all? Those who call themselves “Biblical counselors.” There is no such thing. be warned.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    This should be considered extreme child abuse and parental abuse by the State. Shocking and sad. Canada will be judged by God for this evil against humanity. This is the destruction of a family. Satan must be pleased. Records need to be kept of those who commit suicide after this violence against nature. Not all transgenders end up living happily ever after and many parents are devastated at losing their child.

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