1. Laurellynne

    I have learned so much from your site, it grieves my heart to see restrictions being made on any material coming into Canada but slowly bit by bit our rights and freedoms are being stripped away. There are many Canadians who are believers and who totally support the word of God 100% even when our government tries to force us to conform to it’s ways of thinking. Sadly there are many illegal things happening in this country and nothing is being done about it. Religious freedom is on it’s deathbed and sever persecution is already starting.

  2. Scott P

    I find disturbing the Canadian customs official who equates discrimination based on transgender to that based on race: “the way to tell if a particular literature would be deemed hate literature was to substitute the word in question (transgender) with the name of a particular race of people, for instance, black people.” This is, of course, purely arbitrary. For example, what if I published material warning of the dangers of let’s say heart disease. To see if my material passes the test I substitute ‘black people’ for ‘heart disease’ and find out I’m promoting hatred for an identifiable group, those with heart disease, by warning of the dangers of heat disease. Just read an interesting article on the focus on the Family Canada website: “Identity politics: cherry-picking our sense of self,” https://www.focusonthefamily.ca/content/identity-politics-cherry-picking-our-sense-of-self. In it the writer compares public reaction to Bruce Jenner, the man who ‘transgendered’ into a woman, and Rachael Dolezal, the white woman who lived as a black. The portrayal in the popular media of Jenner is as “an authentic and courageous hero,” while Dolezal is shown as “a racist fraud who may be mentally ill,” two very different responses to two people who are essentially just trying to change their identity. While the public seems to oppose discrimination based on transgender and race (transgenderism and racism), discrimination against one who attempts to change one’s race (trans-racism) seems to be acceptable. Scott P. Canada

  3. admin

    Actually, all of our booklets are available that way. You just go to the blog (here where you are at), scroll to the bottom of any article/booklet, and use the green print button to create a printable PDF. We have actually done that with our booklets since we began them 5 years ago. We also did provide a PDF link of the booklet this week as well.

  4. Peter McKenzie

    Of course, another way to allow Canadians access to this booklet would be to post it in pdf format and people could print off their own copies. Given that the profit for mailed copies is no longer available, there would be no additional loss to you. Just a suggestion…

  5. CW

    Love that scripture, Rhonda! Thanks for sharing it. This one came to my mind: It is written: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.” Isaiah 5:20 (That whole passage is extremely powerful, very serious.) Jesus quoted part of that chapter in His earthly ministry. It was important then, and it is very important now, too. More than ever.

  6. vic

    Joh_9:4  I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

  7. Lydia

    Yes and that is where it is moving, they will call everything that refers to the ways of Christianity as ‘hate speech.’ I have been watching this for years. Canada is a very dangerous place already. And it is spreading quickly. Not only that, but they have a bill against criticizing islam in Canada. You can read about these matters on the site Jihad Watch, which I discovered through Rather Expose Them. Anyway on that site I also learned that there is a law in the UK that literally makes the gospel ‘hate speech’ (referring to Jesus as Savior), google for it and see. And, Europe is overtaken by muslim migrants and they also have a ‘special protection status,’ while they commit terror, rape, and murder and go practically free. But if someone pulls the prank of putting bacon outside a mosque, they are grabbed by the police and they disappear. That first site has cases like that on a daily basis. And of course we see these things slowly encroaching in the US. There are laws now about teaching the trans agenda in K-12 in CA and other places, there is yoga as well and islam and all sorts of evil. Slowly but surely, the walls are closing in and the handwriting is all over them. “And so it begins…” ironically I have said that lately too over so many news items. The most important thing to keep in mind is the following; what to do about it. Whenever I read online about growing persecution like this, it never fails, there is always a comment from a believer quoting ‘your redemption draweth neigh’ or ‘maranatha,’ or something like that, referring to the rapture. It gets so tiring. I mean, look at the Christians who were and are all butchered in the Middle East on a daily basis by isis and other haters. Did they escape in the rapture beforehand? No. And there is no guarantee for anyone else either. The Lord promised that we would suffer persecution, and no one is exempt. We are not under His wrath, but that is different! Yes, there is a rapture coming, but that does not mean we will never suffer for Jesus before ‘our redemption draws neigh’! Now is the time to come to terms with this, that we will be here and we will suffer persecution for Jesus, and YES, He does expect us to bear it and confess Him before men and live up to His Word, and not cower, cave, and deny Him when the going gets tough! Now is the time to prepare for this! I have been doing this for years and I have researched the martyrs and those suffering throughout the church ages and I know, plus it is in the Bible. But so many are unprepared for the coming storm. A good place to start is in Revelation with the Letters to the Churches, it is mentioned in there too among other things. But too many slumber and their lamps burn out.

  8. Rhonda Kelly

    The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished. 2 Peter 2:9 Yes, this will eventually lead to the Bible being banned as “hate speech” because reprobates and sinners refuse to repent. And the teeth of that wicked beast (gov’t) are sharp, but Jesus said “be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” Rev. 2:10

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