Castles in the Sand visits Thomas Merton and Richard Foster

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by John Lanagan
My Word Like Fire

Thus far Castles in the Sand, the novel by Carolyn Greene, has visited some strange places. The book  first journeyed to a friendly neighborhood labyrinth, and was left at the entrance. Shortly thereafter the book visited an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where it was given to a surprised AA member.

 The meeting, held in the basement of an Episco-contemplative church, seemed a very appropriate place to give the novel away. The novel and I have also visited the New Moon vampire movie, where the book was given not just to ardent vampire fans, but to an employee of the theatre. 

Castles in the Sand is the story of a young girl, Tessa Dawson, who is lured into contemplative spirituality through her spiritual formation classes. The  once traditional Christian college has been taken over by the contemplatives. Deep in meditation, Tessa believes she is speaking with Jesus. Instructed and encouraged by her teacher, she goes ever deeper into this deception.

Now, if you want to join us, Castles in the Sand is going to visit the writings of  Thomas Merton, the grand poohbah of contemplative prayer, and Richard Foster, a man who has done much to bring these practices into the very Body of Christ. Let’s read what novelist Carolyn Greene, Thomas Merton, and Richard Foster write about potential dangers of  these meditative practices. We’ll start with Greene. Click here to read more.

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