United Kingdom: School teaches boys to meditate to reduce stress

Sam Lister, Health Editor The Times (UK) (courtesy Underground News US) Pupils at a leading public school are to receive weekly 40-minute classes in meditation and stress relief in a ground-breaking addition to the school curriculum. Schoolboys aged 14 and 15 at Tonbridge School, in Kent, were given their first lesson yesterday as part of … [Read more…]

Lesbian-Turned-Christian Mom Fails to Give Up Child to Ex-Partner

LTRP Note: Please pray for this mom and her seven-year-old daughter, Isabella. May the Lord protect them and keep them safe from evil. Parental abduction charges possible after she and daughter vanish Associated Press — A woman at the center of a complex dispute with her former lesbian partner defied a court order to give up custody … [Read more…]

A Pre-Halloween Warning: The Rising Darkness in Children’s Games

by Kjos Ministries     “Spiritual transformation… is mediated through a person’s religious imagination.” Lancaster Theological Seminary “I love anime. I will always love it…. I will not let anyone tell me that the things I hold dear are evil.” “Satan is not simply trying to draw people to the dark side of a good versus … [Read more…]

Senate OKs bill on hate crimes

 LTRP Note: The following is from a secular news source but is posted here for informational and research purposes. Washington Times Legislation long sought by Democrats that would expand federal hate-crime laws to cover gay and transgendered people has won approval in the Senate, raising expectations among supporters that the time has finally come for … [Read more…]

USA Today: President hails gay pride month

USA Today President Obama has issued a proclamation honoring “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Pride Month 2009.” Gay pride month is observed every June to commemorate the “Stonewall riots,” an uprising that took place in 1969 when police tried to arrest gay patrons at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The bar is shown … [Read more…]

Christian Organizations Falsely Labeled ‘Hate’ Groups

by Linda Harvey Mission America Columbus, OH [Another] pro-family organizations was just listed as a “hate” group on a supposedly objective web site. It might be amusing if it didn’t hurt the reputations of tireless and upstanding Christian groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center is based in Montgomery, Alabama, and originally was a watchdog for … [Read more…]

‘Gay’ pedophilia and Obama

LTRP Note: Lighthouse Trails is posting the following WorldNet Daily article by Linda Harvey because we believe the rise in pedophilia and the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle are two inter-related issues that need to be brought to light in our spiritually darkened society. These are signs of the times and indirectly connected to occultism. … [Read more…]

Baptist Press Reports: Obama: If elected I will use the bully pulpit for gay causes

  Michael Foust Baptist Press Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought the support of voters in the homosexual community Feb. 28, telling them in a letter that if elected president he would work to pass laws important to that constituency and would use the “bully pulpit” to urge states to grant same-sex couples the legal … [Read more…]

National Pilot Project to Study Contemplative Kids –

by Mary Bergin The Capitol Times In 2008, local middle school students will among those who participate in a national pilot project that studies the effects of contemplation in the classroom, says Richard Davidson, a University of Wisconsin researcher/neuroscientist. (Time magazine selected him as one of the world’s 100 Most Influential People of 2006.)… The … [Read more…]