Mennonites and the New Paradigm

by Roll Over Menno  Roll Over Menno would like to alert concerned Mennonites to the following: Brian McLaren and Rene Girard to speak at upcoming Preaching Peace Conferences. “Preaching Peace’ spreads nonviolent message Preaching Peace, which draws on speakers from a variety of Christian backgrounds, offers several nonviolent atonement seminars each year on topics ranging … [Read more…]

Mennonites positive about historic dialogue with the Vatican

LTRP Note: The following out-of-house article is another indication of a Protestant move toward the Catholic Eucharistic christ and the pope’s new evangelization program to win back the lost brethren. From Chuck Colson’s “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” document to the evangelical embracing of Mel Gibson’s The Passion (inspired by Catholic mystics) to the emerging church’s … [Read more…]