Letter to the Editor: A Single Mother Asks for Prayer – Concerned About CP Coming into Her Church

LHT,  My heart has been greatly grieved since Sunday when I first started researching CCP [contemplative/centering prayer]. And the fact that I mentioned my concern over Priscilla Shirer being used as a study was met with “we are not always going to agree with everything others teach,” by my pastor’s wife. And as a friend, … [Read more…]

CONFERENCE ALERT: Pastors’ Wives Conference Speakers Promote Contemplative Authors

The Eighth Annual First Lady Conference will take place on June 7-9 in Dallas, Texas, and attendees should be on the look out for contemplative themes. Two of the speakers, Kay Warren (wife of Rick Warren) and Priscilla Shirer, have contemplative affinities. Lois Evans, wife of Pastor Tony Evans, will be hosting the conference. 1 … [Read more…]