Obama plans to sign repeal of gay ban Wednesday

Associated Press WASHINGTON- The White House says President Barack Obama will sign the repeal of the military’s ban on openly gay service members on Wednesday morning at a Department of Interior auditorium. With a stroke of his pen, the president will end the Pentagon’s 17-year, “don’t-ask, don’t tell” policy. In repealing the ban, Obama will … [Read more…]

UK – Payout for anti-gay preacher over arrest: Landmark ruling in Christian’s battle for free speech

By Steve Doughty UK – Mail Online (couresy True Discernment) Street preacher: Anthony Rollins was detained by police after preaching from the Bible Police have been ordered to pay compensation to a Christian street preacher who was hauled off in handcuffs for saying that gays will go to hell. A judge condemned the arrest of … [Read more…]

Wall Street Journal: Ted Haggard Climbs Back in Pulpit

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— The Rev. Ted Haggard stood at a pulpit made from stacked buckets one recent Sunday and announced his resurrection. Mr. Haggard was forced to resign nearly four years ago as president of the politically powerful National Association of Evangelicals and to step down from the megachurch he founded, after admitting that he … [Read more…]

Activist: Judge’s ‘sexual proclivity’ compromised Prop. 8 ruling

Charlie Butts, Fred Jackson, and Chris Woodward – OneNewsNow On Wednesday, a judge struck down California’s same-sex “marriage” ban as a violation of the civil rights of homosexuals, but a pending appeal of the landmark ruling could prevent same-gender weddings from resuming in the state any time soon.   Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker … [Read more…]

Jay Baaker’s Pro-Gay Marriage Sermon Receives Silent Treatment

“Jay Bakker given the silent treatment at church” from True Discernment Ministries Jay Bakker, son of Jim and the late Tammy Faye has made a name for himself primarily for being prohomosexual. As you’ll see in the video clip (see link below), he must have underestimated his audience at Grace Church where he was speaking. Its … [Read more…]