Israel and Prophetic Proof

by The Berean Call     Israel is the major topic of Bible prophecy, mentioned more than 2,900 times, nearly twice as many times as her Messiah. Without Israel there would be no Messiah and no salvation for anyone, Jew or Gentile. The first mention of His coming is in God’s rebuke of the guilty … [Read more…]

Why Perilous Times Are Now in Overdrive

by Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell You may think that headline is a strong statement so let me defend it. We have now entered the most serious “perilous times” (II Timothy 3:1) in history. President Obama’s speech in Cairo was a total surrender to Islam and a drastic turn against one of our best … [Read more…]

WorldNetDaily: Darwin-loving museum shooter hates Bible, Christians

Suspect in death of security guard defies easy stereotyping By Bob Unruh WorldNetDaily James von Brunn, the man who allegedly shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., was a Darwin-lover who hated the Bible and Christians, and defies media efforts to classify him as a stereotypical “right-winger,” according to … [Read more…]

WorldNetDaily: Pope’s Visit to Jerusalem: Calls for Division of Israel – No Apology for Holocaust

  By Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily “Rabbi to pope: Go split Rome” Pontiff slammed for comments in support of Palestinian state JERUSALEM–If Pope Benedict XVI so fervently supports a Palestinian state–which would split sections of Israel–he also should divide Rome, charged the leader of a coalition of more than 350 Israeli rabbinic leaders and pulpit rabbis. … [Read more…]

‘Twinning’ events join synagogues with mosques

by Johanna Ginsberg NJJN Staff Writer When Rabbi Donald Rossoff of Temple B’nai Or in Morristown was asked if he would consider twinning his synagogue with a nearby mosque for a national weekend of Jewish-Islamic interfaith outreach, he said, “It was pretty much a no-brainer.†B’nai Or is one of several NJ synagogues participating in … [Read more…]

Obama’s Fictitious Pro-Israel Team

by Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell  There is a saying in the Jewish community, “But is it good for for the Jews?” Thus, many are asking, will the Obama administration be an asset or liability for Israel? While many Christians place little interest or importance on this, this ministry does. Much is being made … [Read more…]

Event in Iran Says Holocaust Never Happened

by Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell   So many times commentators on outlandish global events include the phrase, “where is the outrage?” Thankfully this time it abounds as it concerns Iran’s Holocaust denial event taking place this week. Europe and America have expressed that outrage. The German government organized a counter-conference as they feel the … [Read more…]

Israel in the News

Red: Israel Green: Arab Countries The following links are provided to give you up-to-date news and commentary on the current crisis in Israel. Olive Tree Ministries (Ministry of Jewish believer, Jan Markell) Moriel Ministries (Ministry of Jewish believer, Jacob Prasch) Prophezine (Ministry of Ray and Tracye Gano) Online Live News from Jerusalem